A Controversial Just Sayin’


To Those Protesting The Israeli Action In The Gaza Strip
There are two types of people I’m seeing in these groups protesting. Those who would love to see every country under conservative Muslim law called Sharia which is completely opposite from most Western cultures and not a law I’d survive under personally. The second group are those who sympathize with the Palestinian cause and view the Jewish government as horrible bullies. Of course the irony in that is that this second group would be horrifically punished under Sharia law. The first group is actively seeking to change our culture and those folks are entitled to their opinion. If you’ve been wondering at the “sudden violence” in the Middle East, let me point out that Israel has been pummeled by Palestine (despite their complete withdrawal from The Gaza Strip) regularly for years. Granted, the following link is HUGELY biased but I’m afraid I don’t doubt the numbers.

From Israel’s disengagement from the Gaza Strip in mid-August 2005 until the Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip 1,826 missiles were fired into Israeli territory from Gaza, as follows:

15 August – 31 December 2005: 270
1 January – 31 December 2006: 1020
1 January – 14 June 2007: 536

Missiles/Rockets launched 2008

The previous graph shows a significantly lower period during an Egyptian engineered cease fire during which time Palestine was supposed to deal with Hamas extremists.
Here’s something to consider. If Mexico began to send missiles over the border into San Diego, and people were being killed in cafes, in buses, in their homes and the Mexican government not only didn’t stop the bombings, but VOTED THEM INTO GOVERNMENT POSITIONS wouldn’t we be pissed off? Yes, we would. Let’s face it. We’d kick their ass. A controversial perspective, I know.
Just sayin’

To The Idiot Economists
Let me get this straight. You’re going on and on about the amount that an auto worker supposedly makes because he’s a union member. One comment said that a person with a high school education shouldn’t be able to make $29 an hour. What? So, we’ll bail out banking industries who pay their executives ENORMOUS salaries AND take the bail out money to go the FUCKING SPA but we won’t give automakers money unless THEY CUT THE PAYROLL? Oh. My. God. You people have lost your ever lovin’ minds. Unions keep this country from paying CHILDREN fucking ten cents an hour. If you want that kind of shit, MOVE. Preferably to Thailand. Just go. That’s what THEY do. No unions, child labor, all that shit is legal there. Just get the fuck out of this country that believes hard work NOT whether your parents could send your ass to college should be rewarded.
Just Sayin’

To Internet Radio
Bright spot in my weekend was finding out I could listen to all kinds of music…whatever my little heart desired. I love technology.
Just Sayin’

To The Redneck And The Dirt Faced Okie Kids
Please! Go to school. Go back to work. All this family togetherness is making me NUTTY.
Just Sayin’

(Perhaps the first two rants are explained by the last. Possible?)



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12 responses to “A Controversial Just Sayin’

  1. “Please! Go to school. Go back to work. All this family togetherness is making me NUTTY.”

  2. Amen.
    F*&king right!!!
    Never tried.
    Oh Lord, yes 🙂

  3. LOL! I sent the Redneck off to work and the kids go to school in forty minutes. We’ll see if my perspective improves.

  4. Shawna


    There was a protest against Israel here last week. And no where on the news have I heard that Israel was responding to rocket fire into Israel as soon as the cease fire expired. It’s retalation not an unprecedented attack. Good point about San Diego; I’ve said something similiar (I used Canada) Love internet radio. Woohoo!
    And I’m not even going to comment on the rest, although I agree with you, my kids don’t go to school for another week! Ack!

  5. That’s ridiculous about the wages. Umm you didn’t go to Harvard so therefore you shouldn’t earn as much in the same job.

    Well, maybe not all people can afford University or the opportunity to go. I know, I was one. I had to leave University because my parents went through a financial crisis and I had to get a job to help them and then work my way through College (which is different from University in Canada) to get a diploma so I could be a Law Clerk and earn more than slugging groceries.

    I am so glad that my oldest is back in school. I was up early and darn near dancing when I sent her back, now to work on the next two. 😉

  6. Thanks for saying what you said about the Israeli/Pali situation. The Israelis have shown a considerable degree of restraint, but a smackdown has been earned by the Palis. A HARD smackdown.

  7. ACK is right, Shawna!!! I hope you survive another week.
    One of the reasons I found the information I posted was because the news coverage seemed slanted toward condemning the “attacks” from Israel.
    I recognize I simplified the issue, but as many conflicts that exist between Palestine and Israel, there are the same number of differences between Mexico and the U.S. There are those who believe the U.S. should give back land we “stole” from Mexico.
    Apparently, we’ve forgotten that just before WWI, the Germans attempted to use the Mexican government to create unrest at the border. They hoped it would distract us from the real problem. Germany.
    Also, we sent troops into Mexico to find and contain Pancho Villa who instigated raids on American soil. We have never tolerated violent actions from our neighbors. Why are we so shocked that other countries won’t either?
    Peace will not be easy in the Middle East, but rather than acknowledging grievances on BOTH sides, the international community has chosen to condemn Israeli responses.
    It will be interesting to see what the International representatives, now winging their way to “stop the violence” will be able to achieve.

  8. Good to see you Trouble!!! And thank you.

  9. Exactly Amy. I think that made me so mad because it assumes that people who DON’T go to college don’t have brains.
    And I have mounting evidence to the contrary. In fact, some people I’ve known with a college education are some of the most foolish people alive.
    Having said that, I hope I can send my kids to college, not because I think it’s a “ticket to higher pay” but because there is invaluable information to be learned there.
    I have been basking in the silence. It is sooooo nice.

  10. Great post and a good clarification of a very complicated issue, all told in your one-of-a-kind style!

  11. Nice job on that explanation. I’m also hapy school is back in session. I’m slowly regaining my sanity now that I’m two children down. I just can’t wait for preschool so Gunny can leave, too.

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