We Went To The Snow!!!

And had a BLAST.
There is NOTHING like driving into the mountains and finding some snow to play in.
Here’s some of the fun we had.

After we froze our asses off, we headed down the road to Mad River Burger Bar for hot chocolate. I love that place. Then, home for homemade soup and rolls. It was a perfect day. My kids are pretty awesome snow ball throwers.
I was absolutely beautiful up there and I wished several times that Kym or Sandi was there to take pictures.
None of the pictures I take could capture the beauty out in the snow with the white tips of the evergreens. Or the huge amounts of deer all along the way today. The wind stung my face and the cold numbed my fingers, but my kids laughed and played and it was absolutely perfect.



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4 responses to “We Went To The Snow!!!

  1. Oh! I’m so jealous! My middle son got to go with a friend today and he had so much fun! We sent him with a helmet since he has my coordination or lack thereof. I work tonight but maybe we’ll get up early and get ourselves on up there.

  2. There was a lot of rain up there, Sandi. I hope there’s tons of snow left. We went up past South Fork Mountain Road and found AWESOME snow.
    Make sure you take pictures.

  3. jodi

    snow is good when you can leave it up in the mountains. Rain is better, Merry Christmas, Jen.

  4. No kidding, Jodi. I’ve seen you had a TON of snow up your way. I hope you all have dug out.

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