Random Saturday Stuff

We’re celebrating my niece’s birthday today. YAYYYYY. Hawaiian pizza and angel food cake. Yum.
Christmas is almost here. No, I’m not ready. I haven’t wrapped ANY of my presents yet. *sigh*.
I’m working next week too. This ought to be interesting.
We have the big family get together on Christmas Eve where all the McKenzie clan gather for a party. I get off work at noon and The Redneck probably won’t be getting back to Humboldt County until it’s time to be in McKinleyville. Poor guy. He’s driving straight from Redding over 299 through all those snowy mountain roads directly to Cousin Tonya’s.
The Winter Concerts were awesome.
The kids had a blast.
I still have cookies to make and deliver. (Sandi, I mean YOU. I have directions to your house. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Buhahahahahahahahaw.) Yeah. Tomorrow.
The caroling at Sequoia Springs in Fortuna got changed to Sunday (Thank God) so we didn’t have to do that last night.
I made my own Hot Buttered Rum last night with Whiskey. It wasn’t too bad.
Sarah Brightman’s CD was a bit disappointing. I should have known. Everyone has made such a big deal out of her, I ought to have realized it wouldn’t have been my thing. Her versions of “Ave Maria” and “In The Bleak MidWinter” were both really good, but the rest was just “meh”. I think I was looking for a more classical sound. *shrugs*
We’re listening to Burl Ive’s Christmas CD. Now THAT’S not disappointing. Love it.
I love Humboldt County. This Christmas season, I’ve been so grateful to live here. I think the one blogger who has captured the beauty of this county is KYM. Check out all her pictures. They depict this area so well. Really. Go look. It’s worth it.



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8 responses to “Random Saturday Stuff

  1. Hey Jen I hope you have a great weekend! And I don’t envy the Redneck driving 299 through the snow. Ack…

    I love Burl Ives’ Christmas music. LOL

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Jen

    Back at ya’ Karen!!!

  3. verybadcat

    I ❤ Hawaiian pizza!

    I’m putting together my shopping list for the next two weeks, and I’m so hopped up about this fudge. I found a no brainer recipe and if it turns out, everyone and their uncle is getting some, because it’s so much quicker and easier than making pies from scratch.

    I ❤ Burl Ives, too.

    Merry Christmas! 🙂

  4. Jen

    I really hope it turns out VBC!!! I love no brainer recipes.
    Merry Christmas to you to.

  5. Ha! Damian wants to know if they’re going to be erotic cookies! LMFAO!

  6. Kym’s pictures are breathtaking. Wow. And your picture of the Christmas concert just made me hear the young voices floating through the auditorium.

    Jen – you’re fabulous. No really. I’ve given you an ‘I’m Fabulous Award’. Pop by and scoop it up!

  7. Merry Christmas Mrs. Redneck 🙂

  8. Kym

    I live in such a beautiful place that it’s easy to take good photos. Thanks for the kind words though. The snow is beautiful but has made my life crazy and I haven’t gotten to wrapping the packages either. Of course I could be doing them now but I’d rather write to you and complain…

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