To Get Into The Christmas Mood…..

….one of my friends has a Christmas novella available. Check it out.

ISBN Number: 978-1-897560-10-5
Genre: Time Travel Romance
Length: Novella

Heat Index: Hot with Explicit Language

Read excerpts or buy it here!

Dreaming of the past.

Hannah Falcon loves her job cataloging medieval artifacts and setting up the displays at the Natural History Museum in New York. What she doesn’t love is her father’s steadfast refusal to let her go on any of his archeological digs, or her friends insisting she date more. When a man dressed as a medieval knight shows up in the museum, Hannah mistakes him for her friend’s latest attempt at a blind date.

Sent into the future:

Sir Gavin of Rogueforth is a battle-hardened twelfth century knight, having seen and caused his share of death in the crusades. He expects nothing more from life than to live and die by his sword. After Gavin rescues a woman and her daughter from a band of highway thieves, she sends him through time to protect another Hannah, claim her as his own and fulfill his destiny. He doesn’t expect a woman who refuses to be protected.

Timeless passion:

Can a man in chain maille convince a twenty-first century woman to follow her heart? Can a modern day woman show a medieval knight there’s more to life than being a protector? When two people from two different times explore Manhattan during the holiday season will time be an obstacle or will they find the magic to span centuries under the mistletoe?



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12 responses to “To Get Into The Christmas Mood…..

  1. Deidre

    I am having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year. Lately life just stinks and I don’t know when it’s going to get better. Anyhoo, hope everyone’s holidays are what they wish for.


  2. This sounds like a good book! A little like one of my favorite romance books for almost 20 years! 🙂 (Jude Deveareaux’s Knight in Shining Armor).

    I think I’ll get this for a good holiday read! 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Jen

    I know what you mean, Deidre. Maybe come back tomorrow and check out my Christmas Cookie weekend post. You might totally get in the mood.
    And check out Debora’s book. She’s got the spirit down perfectly.

  4. Jen

    Oh good, Tricia!!!! I love the premise of this book.

  5. Time travel romance…now there’s a genre that still has plenty of mileage left in it.

    When you find a book in the six-pack romance genre, then I’m in!

  6. Jen

    Well, Gramps, “A Taste Of Chistmas” (My Christmas Novella at Cobblestone Press) features vineyards, wine AND beer. More than a six-pack. Just sayin’. LOL.

  7. OMG! I loved the book Tricia mentioned! It’s one of my top favorites and I seriously can read that book over and over. This one sounds pretty good as well.

  8. Jen

    I really love a good holiday romance. I need to write another one. I haven’t had a good Christmas idea in a long time.

  9. Jen, you should totally re-write “A Christmas Story.” You could make it the grown up version and show what poor little Ralphie has to go through to get his Red Ryder BB Gun!!!

  10. Jen

    LOL!!!! Imagine what Jennifer Leeland could do with the tongue on the flag pole scene.
    Okay. That’s bad.

  11. Hmmmm….you may be onto something!

  12. Thanks for the promo on my christmas novella – and “A knight in shining armor” has a permanent spot on my keeper shelf! If I captured even a glimmer of Jude Deveroux’s magic…I’d be thrilled.

    Jen – send me your email, sweetie…you won my contest and are getting a free copy! Merry Christmas. 🙂

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