Thirteen Things I’m Grateful For.


With Thanksgiving a week away, I thought I’d list the things I’m grateful for.

1. The Redneck
Yes, he makes me crazy. Yes, he can be an insensitive putz. But for the most part, he had been a steady rock. He works all the time and never calls in sick, even when he probably should. After almost nine years married, we still pretty damn good.

2. The Dirt Faced Okie Boys
I may want to kill them on occasion, but they are awesome kids. Their teachers love them and they try so hard. I love the little stinkers.

3. Dayna Hart
There’s not too many people who can get me through a tough day. She does it almost every day. I mean EVERY DAY.

4. Crystal Jordan
When it comes to generosity, she’s awesome. With her time (she has done my website for two years.), with her knowledge (she’s a New York pubbed author) and with her humor. I’m glad I’m “locked in”.

5. Loribelle Hunt
The woman has saved my children more times than I can count. Also, she’s career smart. She kicks my ass when I need it and makes me laugh when I need THAT. Also, unlike Dayna and Crystal, she doesn’t mind the drunk dialing. LOL.

6. Elaina Huntley and Nina Pierce
These two are so encouraging for me. Both of them have (whether they knew it or not) lifted me out of some dark places because they’re so driven, yet so positive. I get a lot of ego strokes I don’t deserve from those two.

7. Melissa Blue
She’s my California connection and a woman who I admire. At twenty-four, she is a single mommy kicking ass and taking names in her writing. When I met her at RWA, I had no idea how much I was going to value her friendship.

8. Romance Divas
I would be completely lost without my Divas.

9. Romance Divas Chat Room
This is where I go to do “challenges”. These are timed writing periods where other authors and I write for twenty minutes and then post word count. The best part is being able to post snippets of what we’re writing. I love being able to see what everyone else is writing and hear what they say about mine. It’s really kept me going the last couple of months as I’ve struggled to stay with it.

10. That The Redneck Is Still Employed
In this economy, I’m very grateful he’s still working. His employer has treated him well too, so that makes it really good.

11. Our Health
In past years, The Redneck and I have both struggled with illnesses of various kinds. This year has seemed much better.

12. My Publishers
All of them have continued to take a chance on me despite my sales, despite my weird stories and despite my dry spells. They have all been awesome for me.

13. My Faith
I’m sure that sounds weird coming from me, but this is an area that has taken a beating the last couple of years. I’m grateful I still have it, even though I don’t talk about it much. But every step of the way, I am well aware that God has my best interests at heart, even if I don’t see it. Funny, I’ve never felt God let me down in any way. My issues are always with people. I guess that’s why they say “Trust God, love people”.

Thankful? I’d say. I’m a very blessed person. I might whine and complain, but I wouldn’t change anything in my life. Okay, I’d be a little skinnier but…..

What about you? Is there one thing that you’re really grateful for today?



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31 responses to “Thirteen Things I’m Grateful For.

  1. This is nice! πŸ™‚ I may do something similar but will probably save it for next week since I don’t have time today.

    I know what you mean about faith – I have been thinking about it a lot lately. I grew up in church. I haven’t gone regularly in over a decade. I have been missing it lately. I still believe – I just don’t practice I guess. Not sure what I’m going to do for now I’m just going to think about it.

    Hope your Thanksgiving is a good one! πŸ™‚

  2. Yep, you’ve got your priorities right.

  3. Dear our friendship was destined. You came into my life when I needed you. It’s been a rough year and I’m just glad I don’t have to face anymore alone.


  4. You make my heart smile, Jennifer. πŸ™‚ This is such a wonderful list. β€œTrust God, love people” ~ AMEN. That is so true. You are loved, sweet friend. *HUGS*

  5. Jen

    Tricia, that’s kind of where I am. It’s tough with the Redneck out of town all week to take one of the days we have together to go to church. That sounds like a flimsy excuse, but we value each other a lot. I don’t know what I’m going to do either.
    Today, Alice. Just for today. LOL.
    And Mel the Greatest, I couldn’t have made it through the last couple of months without you.
    Stephanie, thank you so much!!!!!

  6. What a great TT, today.

    They’re great reminders of what really counts.

    Thanks for that.

    Happy TT!

  7. This is a great list, Jen. *sniff* Thanks. Hugs. You’ve done a lot for me too. Even if no one else knows. πŸ˜€

  8. Jen

    That’s it, Ms. Menozzi. I should be grateful for your fabulous eye candy too. Mmmmmm.
    And Nina, we know. That’s all that counts.

  9. We should all take a moment now and then to write a list like this. I think you’d be on my list. You might not no it, but several times you’ve said just the right thing when I needed it most. (((hugs))) Happy T13!

  10. I have been VERY thankful that I have a job, especially considering what has been happening to so many others.

    I’m also pretty damn thankful for a healthy granddaughter!

  11. This is a great list, Jen. It sounds like you have some wonderful friends. πŸ˜‰ And I have to agree – Divas rock. I just wish I had more time to spend there.

  12. Jen

    Adelle, that’s so cool to hear.
    And Gramps, I hear ya’. She’s BEAUTIFUL by the way. But you knew that, didn’t you?
    Shelley, I spend waaaaaaaaay too much time at Divas. LOL.

  13. I want to kick back and hang with you. I swear we were separated at birth.

  14. Beautiful list, Jennifer!

  15. Jen

    I KNOW Inez!!!! It’s so weird and yet, so cool. I’m totally interrogating my mother to make sure I didn’t have a long lost twin.
    Thanks Tempest and Heather.

  16. I was reading in one of my devotion books this morning, and it said that we can always find something to be thankful for. That’s so true. Even though things are kind of bad at my house, somehow we’ve survived and we’re doing better than some others in our situation.

  17. Great list!

    Another thing I’m grateful for: networking. I might have a second job lined up in case I don’t get my first choice. πŸ™‚

    Happy TT!

  18. Janice Seagraves

    I’m grateful my hubby is still working too.

    I was thinking about posting a thankful thirteen next week too.


  19. After watching my poor neighbor be carted off by the ambulance this morning, I’m definitely happy just to be alive and blessed with what I have. My neighbor is fine but it was a good eye opener to appreciate what you have. Sure, I’ll always want more, but I’m so thankful for the things I have everyday. Nice posting.

  20. Jen

    Lucinda, you know you’ve been in my thoughts. You’ve been an inspiration because I know you’ve really struggled this year. I hope things get a lot better for you soon.
    I think, R.J., it’s usually who you know not what you know that makes a difference in this kind of environment.
    Janice, I’ll be looking for that post.
    Wow Sandi!!! That’s scary! I hope your neighbor is okay. Funny, my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I really couldn’t think of anything. I mean, there’s always more “stuff” but I don’t really want any of it. And mom can’t give me a contract with Berkeley Publishing. LOL.

  21. Nice list girl! Hope you have a great thanksgiving!

  22. Wonderful, thoughtful, insightful. Well done Jennifer πŸ™‚
    I’m thankful for your Just Sayin’ rants. Though I don’t often comment–it’s a time thing — they always make me smile and nod, even pause for thought.

  23. verybadcat


  24. Health, family, and friends. Great list Jen!

  25. Great list Jennifer.

    I’m thankful for all the writing friends and Divas I’ve met since embarking on this crazy writing trip.

    I’d be lost without them!!

  26. Hey Jen — I awarded you!! Come on over and see πŸ™‚

  27. That’s a great list Jen!
    I really like Thanksgiving πŸ™‚

    Kate x

  28. RobynL

    I’m thankful for being able to work and help level 1 @ 2 residents.

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