Thirteen Things About The Dirt Faced Okie Boys


The Dirt Faced Okie Boys have birthdays coming up. Demolition Boy turns seven on Saturday and Train Boy turns eight next Tuesday. So in honor of their birthdays, here’s THIRTEEN THINGS ABOUT THE DIRT FACED OKIE BOYS.

1. Train Boy is a whiz at math
No really. His class got a pajama party because he and one of his friends whipped out nineteen pages of math for a reward. He’s amazing.

2. Train Boy is the helpful one
He loves to help. Of course, it has to be HIS way, don’t you know. LOL.

3. The Two of them fight ALL THE TIME
4. But are completely miserable when the other one isn’t there
5. And they love to play in the mud
6. Train Boy wanted to be in Cub Scouts since he was about four
Once he knew his daddy had done Cub Scouts, he set his sights on that.
7. Demolition Boy has wanted to do EVERYTHING.
Soccer, football, karate, basket weaving-the kid changes his mind every five seconds. But he said he wanted to do Cub Scouts too. Yeah, I’m not letting him quit.
8. Train Boy’s favorite dinner is Beef Stroganoff
And not the homemade kind. He want Hamburger Helper or nothing. LOL!
9. Demolition Boy’s favorite dinner is Pizza.
Or Peeba as he calls it.
10. There isn’t a sport Demolition Boy can’t master
He’s going to be my after school sports kid.
11. They both love “Captain Underpants” and “Superfudge”
If you don’t know what these books are, consider yourself lucky.
12. Train Boy’s favorite movies are Godzilla movies.
I don’t get it either.
13. Demolition Boy’s favorite movies are “Mortal Combat” and “Monster House”.
They don’t really go together, but they sort of sum up his taste. LOL.

Happy Birthday to my Dirt Faced Okie Boys!!!!



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18 responses to “Thirteen Things About The Dirt Faced Okie Boys

  1. ‘The two of them fight all the time’ … oh yes, I sympathize. LOL Great list Jen! Happy Thursday! 🙂

  2. November birthdays are great! My family has (I counted) half a dozen of them. And another 3 in December. It makes the last two months of the year one long party time.
    Give your birthday boys some huggles!

  3. Aww happy birthday to your boys! 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday to your, Dirt Faced Okie Kids LOL
    They sound like my boys at that age, a growing concern Yikes! lol
    Happy T13!

  5. Captain Underpants! Woo-hoo!

    *Ahem.* I mean, what a sweet list. Tell the boys “Buon Compleanno” from Italy, okay?

    Happy TT!

  6. I can’t get my kids to eat anything that comes in a sauce. It sure cuts down my menu options.

  7. Happy Birthday Okie Boys!!

    They are so cute Jennifer. 🙂

  8. OMG Mortal Kombat. My oldest loved that movie. I can hear the theme song now…

    My daughter and youngest son fight all the time (only 20 months between them) yet when they are apart, they miss each other. Crazy.

    Happy early birthday to the boys!

  9. Happy almost birthday to the boys! I love Superfudge, it’s one of my all time favorite books. I bought it for Taters last Christmas in the hopes that she’d enjoy it. Time really flies and your little men are growing up. Enjoy it!

  10. LOL! Too funny! They’re so cute!


    My TT is at

  11. My baby turns 18 on Saturday … how the heck did that happen? Happy celebrations to everyone.

  12. melsmag

    Awww, so cute.

  13. Lex

    I like Captain Underpants. Nikki adored that book. We used to snicker over it all the time. Even her dad the anal idiot loved Captain Underpants. He’s better than an underwear model… almost. LOL

    I like Godzilla movies too. He’s my favorite monster. Really. And the dude from Monster House? Come to mama, baby! Yum.

    I should shut up now, but not before I tell you to go read Alex Beecroft’s blog. She interviewed me and I sorta gushed about your books. Yeah. I know. Having a crush on Paul is really NOT a good thing. My characters are jealous…

  14. They are adorable! Have a great Friday (cause as ususal, I’m a day late…grrrr.)

  15. Jen

    Sorry I wasn’t around yesterday. Thanks to everyone who came by. I’m off to visit everyone’s blog today.
    Yeah, Debora, I’m a day late too. LOL.

  16. I found this site cruizen google. And yes I’m a real person typing here…

    Any-who I found a huge list of eagle scout projects on

    -PS I’m an Eagle Scout

  17. We always love to hear about the boys, great post!

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