Thirteen Reasons I Love My Editors

Tomorrow is Editor Appreciation day so I’m a little early, but my editors are AWESOME!!! I have three of them. Diana Carlile at The Wild Rose Press, Devin Govaere at Liquid Silver Books and Kate Scott at Whiskey Creek Press. They are FANTASTIC.

1. They are patient
This is especially true of Diana Carlile. Back in August of 2006, she was willing to look past the questionable grammar, the choppy pacing and all that stuff to the story beneath.

2. They Catch My Repeated Words
“Move”, “was”, “that”, “stroke” and most recently “shoulder”.

3. They Work Like Fiends
All three of them are busy people. Diana has an Evil Day Job, Kate has a four month old baby and Devin is a writer. They’re ALWAYS doing something. It’s amazing how they can get it all done.

4. They Reassure Me
Yeah, I’m one of those “sensitive authors” sometimes. I feel guilty that my sales aren’t better. I feel bad that my manuscripts are cleaner when they get them. I feel frustrated that I’m not a stronger writer. They’re good at giving me just the kick in the ass AND the compliments to keep me at it. That takes talent.

5. They’re Always Responsive
I’ve been extremely lucky. My editors are really, really good to me. One of them even lets me Instant Message her which has been invaluable.

6. They are Brilliant
All three of them have suggested changes that made my stories stronger, better. Diana has basically raised me as an Erotic writer. I was such a newbie when she got me.

7. They Encourage Me
Kate has really encouraged me to write for New York. Diana has encouraged me to push the envelope more. They all have had a part in my success.

8. They are ALWAYS Professional
Even when I’m not.

9. They Don’t Mind My Low Sales
I’m not a best seller. They don’t hold it against me.

10. They Don’t Just Rip Stuff Up
All three of them (but especially Kate) will also say how much they like a story. It’s so important to know when I get a manuscript with lots of changes that the basics are solid.

11. They Don’t Bitch Or Complain
I know they must have their own drama with the companies they edit for. Not once has any of them complained about their bosses. Ever. Not to me. Even when they’ve had excellent reasons for frustration or irritation, (with me or the situation) they’ve really been positive.

12. They Work Their Asses Off
If you saw some of the stuff I sent them…..

13. They Are The Best of the Best
Not that I’m biased or anything, but I do think I got the best.

Happy Editors’ Appreciation Day a day early. You guys ROCK!!!!



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18 responses to “Thirteen Reasons I Love My Editors

  1. Yup, I’m jealous of you…for many reasons…

    You’re lucky, indeed, to have editors who care so much about your work, and about you, too!

    Happy TT!

  2. Oh, I love my latest editor at LSB — Jean Cooper. It was amazing the little changes she suggested in my stories that made a HUGE difference and made the story that much stronger. I love editing. It just gives me that much more confidence when my books go out in public that they’re the best they can be.

  3. Great list! I really lucked out with my editor at WildChild/Freyas Bower, Faith Bicknell-Brown. She is an amazing teacher, mentor and friend. I’m sure I owe much of my success to her.
    We really are lucky, Jen. I’ve heard lots of horror stories. Happy Halloween!

  4. Jen

    Thank you Ms. Menozzi!
    And Nina and Adelle, you put your finger on it. A good editor gives me confidence when the book is released that it’s the best it could be.

  5. verybadcat

    I think you’re probably way too hard on yourself. If I wrote fiction? It would be a hot mess.

  6. Jen

    LOL VBC!!! That’s pretty much what my editors see.

  7. You are so lucky to have such wonderful editors.

  8. I love my editor! Karen, if you’re reading this, YOU ROCK!!

  9. Great list. Where would we be without our editors? I’ve loved mine too. 🙂 Happy Halloween! *hugs*

  10. Great list! I worked with Kate at WCPT on Animal Attraction, and she’s great, so I have to give her a big shoutout, too! I also worked with Sara Thacker at WCPT, and she’s fantastic, too! And I have to give one to Ansley Blackstock at LSB, as well! They all rock!


    My TT is at

  11. Jen

    I’ve heard of Sara Thacker, Paige. She does rock.
    It’s amazing to me that LSB has such awesome editors. I haven’t heard of one that isn’t fantastic.
    I really hope they all get a chance to know how much they do for us.

  12. Excellent post, Jennifer!

  13. I thought writers were supposed to despise their editors and act in a passive-aggressive manner towards them. You’ve got a reputation to uphold.

  14. Mel

    Sounds like you have great editors! Where would we be without them and all the hard work they put into writers?

  15. Lex

    Mary Winters at Pink Petal Books actually helped me hone the final version of Silver Lining, which I didn’t even sub to her! Heh. So far, all she’s asked me to do with Shifting Winds is delve more into the heroine’s work and change her name. The name I used was my 2nd choice anyway, so I’m back to the original name. LOL I’m sure as things progress she’ll be holding my hand more. To date, she’s been awesome.

  16. Jen

    Thanks Heather.
    Now, Gramps, most of the time we authors and editors maintain the illusion that we’re adversaries. But once a year, kind of like Mother’s Day, we set the illusion aside and let our editors know we lurrrve them.
    Mel, I’d be totally lost without mine.
    Lex, I’m so glad you’re having a good experience with your editor!!! It makes all the difference, in my opinion.

  17. Janice Seagraves

    Nice list, when I get a sale I hope my editor as great as yours are.

    Faith rocks I’m one of her AWH puppies.

    Happy TT.


  18. Jen

    I hope so too, Janice!!!!!

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