Whiskey Wednesday Surprise Contest

Welcome back to another Whiskey Wednesday and my surprise for you all. Those of you who purchased “The Secret She Keeps” are in for a big surprise. Apparently, there was some concern expressed that the previous cover might convey violence toward women. So, the publisher has decided to change the cover. But that’s not all. They’ve allowed me to offer the people who send me proof that they bought “The Secret She Keeps” in the first week after it was released (Oct. 17th to Oct. 24th) will get an excerpt that will now be included in the new version.
Do you want a taste of David Peter’s story? Then, email me at writerjenleeland @yahoo.com with the proof you bought the first version, or buy the new one and you’ll get a scene from the next installment.
Of course that’s not all. We have to have a contest for those who comment today. Of course, a copy of the NEW version of “The Secret She Keeps” is up for grabs. You may have to wait until it’s all reformatted, but you’ll definitely get it. Here’s the question to answer in the comments.
Which cover for “The Secrets She Keeps” do you prefer and why?
This all goes until November 5th, so even if you’re a little late getting here, don’t get discouraged. I’m still going to pick winners from the last two Wednesdays and this Wednesday and announce winners on Nov. 5th.
And remember, ALL of my backlist is up for grabs. Oh, and if you comment more than once, it counts as more than one entry.
Here’s the new cover. Isn’t it purrrty?



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5 responses to “Whiskey Wednesday Surprise Contest

  1. Ooo, that’s beautiful.

  2. It’s gorgeous, but for some reason I think I prefer the original. Maybe it’s just that it’s more in keeping with the story… Doubt I kept my receipt for it. I’m a delete girl once I see it online on the card. LOL Are you gonna titillate me with David anyway? 😉

  3. Jen

    Thank you, Ruth. I really liked it. The cover artist really tried to match the story with the cover. The first one was making sure the reader knew what was between the pages. This one is so sexy though. She did a stellar job, I think.
    And Winter, it is the HARDEST THING to find pictures for covers (or in my case, book trailers) for BDSM books. I mean, I want to convey the power exchange, the toys, the whole scene without being offensive. And it isn’t easy to do. That’s why none of the books in this series have a trailer. There just aren’t enough stock pictures out there that give the romantic impression as well as the sexy scene.
    I emailed you honey.

  4. Lovely new cover! Sadly, I haven’t been able to buy it yet… Kinda on the broke side. 😦 But it’s on the list. My goal is to have everything you write/wrote.

  5. Laura K

    I read/reviewed your story. I personally LOVE the new cover. The old one looked a little skeezy but this one is more tasteful while still giving the reader the impression that someone “wicked this way comes”!!

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