A Enough Is Enough Just Sayin’

To Mondays
I don’t like you. You arrive way too early and draaaaaaaag on. Three-thirty in the morning and I’m awake after sending the Redneck to another week of Hell away from his home and his family. For six years, you’ve been the absolute suckiest day. You’re even worse than the first of the month when every body and their brother wants money from me. And when the first of the month is a MONDAY!! Well, fuck that shit is all I have to say. Of course, if we got rid of you, then Tuesday would be the new Monday. But really, can you just back off?
Just Sayin’

To The Boys on Wall Street
I really want to thank you for fucking up the Redneck’s retirement. I mean, he was looking at having to work until he was seventy anyway and now you’ve guaranteed it. You assholes have stored up millions over the years, living high off the deals made by dumb smucks like us who just don’t want to die in a fucking nursing home. I really gotta hand it to you. You’ve fucked things up royally and now the rest of the world is sliding into financial trouble. Congratulations. I hope all that “living well” will be enough because, if there’s any justice, there’s a hot place in Hell for you assholes.
Just Sayin’

To The Politicians
Do you REALLY want my opinion? You’ve been calling but you’re not asking the right questions. Do you want to know why I advocate gun rights? It isn’t because I’m some kind of loopy Conservative with entitlement issues. It’s because I’m starting to believe the only way you assholes will keep listening to us at all is if you are just a little worried we MIGHT be heavily armed out here. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but the pecking away at ALL our rights makes me think you don’t want us to threaten you. The gun bans, the Patriot Act, environmental laws all seemed to be aimed at controlling and tamping down on the American population. I believe that guns should be kept out of the hands of criminals but no gun ban has been proven to do that. I believe terrorism should be fought tooth and nail. I believe that we need to take responsibility for cleaning up our industrial messes and preventing new ones. BUT the way you all have decided to deal with these issues is to punish all instead of just the offenders. November 4th is coming, people. I’m not staying home, though you’d like me to.
Just Sayin’
(I kind of sound militant in the last post. No worries. We don’t call our house a compound. And my kids still go to public school.)

To The What You Ought To Know Guys
You took on a VERY hot issue and, though I admire your guts, I have to say I wouldn’t do it. But since you did, look at all the interest it generated. Over a hundred comments on your website alone (not including the ones on YouTube) with lively discussion and not too much ugliness. I still don’t know how I’m going to vote on the issue come November 4th, but your perspective on it was interesting.
Just Sayin’

To Elaina Huntley
What would I do without you? In the last month, you’ve read stuff last minute, critiqued a short so I could get it in to my publisher before the end of October, and generally cheered me on through all sorts of writing ups and downs. You’re awesome and I lurrrrrrrve you. Plus, I’m a little jealous of you. After all, you get some awesome “theoretical” experiences that I don’t. (Yes, that is an inside joke, but if you REALLY want to know what it is, you’ll have to join Romance Divas and post fifty times to get into the Steamy Section. Buhahahahahahahahaw.) You’re going places, Elaina, and I can’t wait to see you kick ass and take names with your writing.
Just Sayin’

To Coffee
Even cheap and bitter, I love you.
Just Sayin’



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16 responses to “A Enough Is Enough Just Sayin’

  1. My Monday hit with a bang as well. One kid sick and the other one having sympathy pains. I’m about ready to go make a four cup pot of coffee with enough grounds to make a 12 cup. I enjoy syrupy coffee on Mondays. *cheers*

  2. Jen

    I hope your Monday gets better Sandi. I think I’ve written today off. Dang, I’m sorry about the kids. I hope they get well really quick.
    I’ll probably do something stupid like a really sad movie with popcorn slathered in a stick of butter. Look away. It ain’t pretty.

  3. “even cheap and bitter..i love you”….

    thats what my last boyfriend said…

  4. Kym

    Somedays even Sundays are a stick of butter popcorn days. So having had that experience yesterday and feeling a bit squeebly today, I am here as your friend to talk you down off that bridge. Don’t eat, Don’t!

  5. Jen

    LMAO SB!!!! Me too.
    And Kym, you may have kept me from the popcorn evil…….for now.

  6. I know I don’t work at a day job anymore but I still hate freaking Mondays. HATE THEM!

  7. >>>You assholes have stored up millions over the years, living high off the deals made by dumb smucks like us who just don’t want to die in a fucking nursing home.<<<

    I can’t help myself. Spotting typos is like a sickness.

    I think you mean “schmucks” like us, not “smucks”.


  8. Jen

    Hey Chloe! I can NEVER see my own typos. And I think you’re absolutely right. Of course, now I can’t change it so everyone understands our comments….LOL.

  9. Man, I never want to get on YOUR bad side. Just sayin’.

    (hee, hee)

    I barely survived today myself. And oh, joy. I hate Tuesdays even more than I do Mondays because Tuesdays always seem to bite me on the butt.

    Maybe I’ll call in sick.

  10. Hey, I always seem to make it a day late … is that a commentary on Mondays? You betcha!

  11. Jen

    I’ll back you up Andi. “Dear Andi’s Employer. Andi won’t be able to go to work today as she is more unhinged than usual. She will make up any work she would have done tomorrow.”
    How’s that?
    Hey Nina. You are NEVER late.

  12. Oh God, I am so in love with coffee.

  13. They would totally believe you, too, Jen. LOL!

  14. Lex

    Damn. I had Monday off for my b-day, which is Friday, but I can’t take Friday off because it’s the last day of the month. Fucking accounting month end rules. So Monday being the last day of vacay kinda sucked. But in general, I hate them and I hate the first of the month. I almost like the week between paydays better. Fridge is full, bills are paid, there’s a little money in my pocket and not as much to stress over. Does that make sense?

  15. I couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said. I’m tired of it all too. I hope Wednesday is proving to be alot better for you, Jennifer. And, theoretically, I think you’re pretty awesome. 😉 *HUGS*

  16. Jen

    Gramps, me too.
    And Andi, you know it honey. I’m QUEEN of bullshit, truly.
    Your birthday is on Friday, Winter? COOL!!! I must remember that. On Halloween, no less. And yes, it totally makes sense.
    Stephanie, it is proving better. And theoretically, I think you’re pretty awesome too.

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