Shoot. Me. Now. Stupid Characters.

Many of you know I’ve been trying to finish the Storm series at Whiskey Creek Press/Torrid with the Kevin’s story “Eye of the Storm”. The first two books have led to this final showdown between the man who lost eight years of his life and the evil villain that orchestrated Kevin’s death.
But the book has been giving me fits.
First of all, I wrote 100 pages and discovered I had the wrong heroine. Now, I’ve got about 80 pages and the characters want to change things up again. I don’t know what’s going to happen with this damn story anymore. Kevin has been adamant from the beginning that he is a lone wolf, a man on the edge. But he’s the only one who hasn’t thrown a wrench into the works this time around. The rest of them? GRRRRRRRR. Magda is feisty and frustrated but her motivations have been murky and unclear. Jonathan and Serena have both doled out massive twists that make my head hurt. Now, I’m not sure what’s the right direction. And it makes my stomach church to throw out another 80 pages.
So, I’m taking a break. (Are you listening Kate?) “Eye of the Storm” is going on the back burner for a bit.
I’ve started a new book aimed for an agent. It’s a romantic suspense and we’ll see how it goes. I got 22 pages written yesterday.
I think the reason I’m enjoying this one is that it has all the elements of a treasure hunt. I love that kind of stuff. There’s Montezuma’s missing treasure, a stone map, a dead Rock Shop owner and an ancient reference to the Pomo Indian tribe who lived in the Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino county areas in the 14th century when Montezuma’s treasure disappeared.
I’m having a blast.
Hopefully, Micah and Antonia won’t give me crap.
I can here Loribelle Hunt laughing now.



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4 responses to “Shoot. Me. Now. Stupid Characters.

  1. And people think writing is so calm and quiet.


    Here’s something that might distract you – Tag! You’re it!

  2. OMG, do I hear you on having to back burner recalcitrant characters for the ones that flow. Sheesh. But now Althea and Declan have flowed so well that they are done and subbed, so I have to go back and whip my menage people into shape. They are seriously annoying me.

    Good luck with Micah and Antonia! It sounds exciting!

  3. Jen

    Man, Julia, I still haven’t done the Purse one yet. Okay, okay. I’m off to look.
    And Winter, I’m thrilled you subbed Althea and Declan!!! Awesome! How did I miss that?
    Get on that threesome, darlin’.
    (okay, that sounded wrong. You know what I mean)

  4. Lex

    Oh, the dragons. They are killing me. Declan’s bad girl sister Eden kicked the menage to the curb… and Althea’s brother Colin really likes bad girls… grrrrr. Yeah, Shifting Winds went to Mary Winter at Pink Petal Books. I got 3 critiques back all with the same stuff marked and these shocked, “That’s too clean for a first draft” comments. I made the changes and subbed it. What else can ya do?

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