Whiskey Wednesday Contest/ Book Trailers/ Free ebooks

Promotion for a writer who is not distributed out of Borders and Walmart is a challenge. One of the ways I get the word out about my books is through my book trailers (see the link to the right). I saw my first one back in 2007 and wanted to try and do it. Not an easy undertaking for one who is computer illiterate. But, with a little help and A LOT of patience, I got the first one made.
Now, today’s contest is about those book trailers. There are two questions and you’ll have to email me the answers today to writerjenleeland@yahoo.com, but I’m also going to give away a free pdf ebook to two commenters.

Where did I find the music for the book trailer for “Heart of the Storm”?
If you watch to the end to the credits, you’ll see. Whoever emails this answer will have a chance to in a print copy of “Heart of the Storm” or “Edge of the Storm” if you already have the first one.

There’s one thing all of the Command series trailers have in common, can you guess what it is? Email me the answer and you’ll have a chance to win all three of the Command series books in pdf form.

What’s your favorite trailer I’ve done so far and why?
Leave your answer in the comments and a random winner will win a free pdf ebook of any of my back list.

I hope you enjoy the book trailers. I’ve loved making them.



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3 responses to “Whiskey Wednesday Contest/ Book Trailers/ Free ebooks

  1. Deidre

    I like the Edge of the Storm trailer for the gorgeous scenery and the music.


  2. Category Seven is awesome, Diedre. They were so nice too when I asked them if I could use that song. Their whole self titled CD is GREAT.

  3. Lex

    I never would have tried the trailer thing if not for you, Jen. Now I am addicted. *sigh* If you ever want me to make you one, I am happy to do so. I luuuurve playing around with that stupid little prog now. LOL

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