Whiskey Wednesday Contest For Free Books

It’s finally here as promised!!! An October contest for my upcoming releases. As you know, “The Secret She Keeps” comes out October 17th.
I actually wrote this one before “The Mask She Wears”, but Zac and Tessa have come a long way since then.
Also, coming soon, is “Regaining Command”. This is the third in The Command Series and features the ever popular annoying character, Donny.
Now, for the contest.
I have a print copy of “Heart of the Storm” and “Edge of the Storm”. I’m also giving away all three of the Command books on the day “Regaining Command” releases. Plus, I’ll give away a copy of “The Secret She Keeps”.
All you have to do is have a little party here at my blog. For the next four Wednesdays. It’s soooooo easy. Right?
Free books are good.
Today, I’m going to give away a copy of my upcoming release “The Secret She Keeps”. Here’s the question and you can find the answer in THIS EXCERPT from “The Mask She Wears”.
Both “The Mask She Wears” and “The Secret She Keeps” have very hot scenes set at parties in someone’s home. Whose home hosts the parties?
Be the first to answer today and you’ll get a pdf copy of “The Secret She Keeps” tomorrow when it releases.
If you tell me his LAST name (which requires that you’ve been reading my blog) I’ll give you a choice of ANY of my back list in pdf form. (Hint: I did talk about him HERE Check out the WordPress Tags)



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15 responses to “Whiskey Wednesday Contest For Free Books

  1. Laura K

    David is the man’s name. I MUST go find my copy to find his last name. I WANT HIS STORY!!!

  2. Laura K

    Okay his name is David Peters. Once again, when will HIS story be out???

  3. Jen

    Alright, Laura K. but his story is still being written. LOL. I promise to send a copy since you won this one. I promise!!! He is featured more in “The Secret She Keeps” so you do get a little glimpse into David Peters.

  4. I’m guessing it’s David Peters. Of course, I didn’t read it in the comments section.

    Lol. Hi, Jen.

  5. Great idea for a contest 🙂 You did a good job with the excerpt. I hate having to find those 😀

  6. Elaina

    David! OMG I have to have this!!! LOL

  7. Jen

    Everybody wants David! LOL. He’s given me nothing but trouble too. All the good ones do.
    I promise to get moving on that story folks. Really.

  8. I just printed out “The Mask She Wears” since I never manage to be able to read at my computer. I can’t wait to dive into it. And I know that doesn’t answer your contest questions, but I had to let you know I stopped by. 😀

  9. Deidre

    Oh well, I’m too late, but I’m going with David Peters. LOL


  10. Jen

    LOL Deidre!!! Come back next week. I’ll have several winners instead of just one.

  11. Lex

    I know it’s David Peters. Man, I had all kinds of ideas about him while reading the Mask She Wears. 😉 Can’t wait for his story!

  12. Well, crap. I knew this one, but it’s too late now, huh?

    Doesn’t matter. I’m going to read all your books anyway. ;-P

  13. Sneaking in the back door….David… David Peters….

  14. April Morelock

    David Peters!!!! And OMG… do I want his story!!!! Yoozer!

    He’s totally hawt!


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