A Money Money Money Just Sayin’

To Crown Royal Whiskey
Could you please lower your prices? Pretty please? With the economic downturn, think how many customers you’d have!! I can’t afford you right now and it makes me sad. I mean, my brother-in-law bought me a bottle but it was *gasp* JACK! That’s right. And not nearly as good. The Redneck had to give me some long explanation about “sour mash” versus whatever you guys do. I wasn’t listening. I just miss my Crown.
Just Sayin’

To John McCain
I appreciate you trying to moderate some of the hostility out there. Don’t listen to anyone who says it’s not enough. The truth is that the rhetoric on both sides has become so inflammatory, that it makes me worry. Some Obama supporters are RABID in some places and some of your supporters are just as crazy. I’m concerned that the mob mentality might kick in and create huge problems. It’s nice to know you see it too. I wish Obama would moderate his people the way you’ve attempted to moderate yours. It might change the tone of the campaign.
But I’m not holding my breath.
Just Sayin’

Maybe I’m just an ignorant Redneck but it seems to me that if you’re begging for money and you’re getting a bail out from the government, sending a bunch of your executives to a spa constitutes fraud.
In my opinion, the government should arrest your asses and throw you in jail for fraudulent business practices. You’ve just cost my children their future and you’re going to get a facial? I want your ass in JAIL with Crusher as a cell mate. Whoever had the mitigated fucking GALL to take this trip ought to have their assets stripped to pay that money back. This is the reason I never believed in the government bailout. I am so fucking tired of penny pinching, not going out to eat, having to think about all the things I CAN’T get my children for Christmas, while you assholes are having parties and golfing after raiding my taxes for your entertainment. I want heads to roll.
Just Sayin’

To The Repulicans In The House
To those of you who blocked the bill to “bailout” Wallstreet, I say you were right. I was skeptical about this money grab from the beginning and I thought your reluctance made sense regardless of the constant berating from your fellow politicians. We ought to be grateful you tried. To bad it didn’t work. And with all the pork tacked on, the oversights you managed to get in place won’t mean shit.
Good try though.
Just Sayin’

To Congress
I’m going to the polls mad. Funny enough, I’m not mad at Bush. I’m mad at you. You went on vacation as our country slid into financial chaos. You made a mad “dash for the cash” as you pushed a bailout bill for Wallstreet. You all pointed fingers and not one of you were willing to rise above the childish name calling. The Executive Branch cannot run this country into the ground alone. As much as you’d like to focus on the President and say it’s his fault, I don’t see it. Sure, Bush had policies that fucked things up, but YOU implemented AND ADDED more policies to his. Your greed for money, power and deniability has pissed me off. If you’re an incumbent, I’m voting you out. If you’re part of the old guard, I’m kicking you to the curb. Believe me, the fact that the two main parties have Senators running doesn’t thrill me.
Beware. I’m middle class, I’m pissed off and I vote.
Just Sayin’

To David
I hope now I’ve got the story right. But Jeez, did you have to make me wait so damn long? And what’s with the attitude? Yeah, I’m sooooo looking forward to writing your story. *Grumbles* Stupid characters.
Just Sayin’

To Jean Shepard
Thank you for writing and narrating the movie “A Christmas Story”. When the news was too much and I’d had enough of the Redneck spouting about the end of the world, your movie was the cure. We usually watch it about fifty million times and I really needed it yesterday.
Just Sayin’

To all you Rich Fucks on WallStreet

Just Sayin’



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14 responses to “A Money Money Money Just Sayin’

  1. verybadcat

    I can’t believe I’m actually saying this……

    but I agree with Geraldo. He said over the weekend that we could have given every American man, woman and child a million dollars, and still saved millions over the bailout.

    Fuck them.

  2. OMG, those Abba costumes. I need a drink.

    I hear you on the price of alcohol. My preferred bourbon is the same price as Crown. Why is it that when we need it most, it costs to much to justify splurging on?

    Hell, forget justifying. I’m still buying it.

  3. Jen

    Exactly, VBC.
    And Ember, Dahlink, I’m with you.

  4. You seem a little upset.

    Anyway, you asked how to get away from the depressive news. Well, check out my blog today.

    Just sayin’


  5. Jen

    Okay, but you’d better live up to your hype.

  6. Deidre

    I hear ya sister! Amen!


  7. Maybe we should call it “Money Monday” But then we’d have to have something like “Bail Out Tuesday.” *shaking head*

  8. Yep, yep yep!

    You’ll poke your eye out, Kid!

  9. OMG! That was Abba! Oh, money sucks. Just sucks. Nice “just sayin'” Monday.

  10. Agree, agree, agree…
    My head it spinning over those AIG execs. I thought that my time in Bermuda, where many of those AIG fat-cats live/golf/spend, made me immune to their narcisstic over-indulgences, but this one takes the freaking cake. Fire their asses AND strip their assets!!!

  11. Jen

    Personally, I feel caught in the middle. I just don’t see how the candidates justify their greed and the these corporations justify their extravagance when the rest of us are just “nose to the grindstone” gutting it out these days.
    I would just like to not worry about the bills and their getting pedicures. Yeah, I guess I’m a little miffed. LOL.
    And my absolute favorite part of “A Christmas Story” is the part when Ralphie fantasizes about being blind. It’s so freakin’ hilarious.

  12. I love that movie. It’s a staple in our house starting in early November. This whole budget issue is killing me. This was the first year I’ve ever filled out my absentee ballot and felt absolutely hopefully selecting my candidate.

  13. That was supposed to be “hopeless” rather than “hopefully.” 🙂

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