Books on my Wish List

Don’t forget to check out the workshop (blog post from yesterday) at Romance Divas. There are some awesome authors and editors (did you notice Heather Osbourne from Tor would be there) that will be there.
Also, I’ll be over at Joyfully Reviewed today talking up my upcoming Wilder Rose Press release “The Secret She Keeps”. I’ll be announcing the contest that will run for the next two weeks. Come check it out.
Here’s my current Books Wish List.

1. Rowan McBride’s “One Good Hand”
2. Jamie Craig’s “Brindisi Bedfellows”
3. “Furry, Fluffy and Wild” featuring a short by Nina Pierce.
4. “Forbidden Fruit” by Eden Bradley
5. “Such Pretty Fat” by Jen Lancaster
6. “Virtual Reality” by Joey W. Hill
7. “Piercing The Veil” by R.G. Alexander
8. “The Bond That Heals Us” by Christine D’Abo
9. “Carnal Harvest” by Robin Rotham.
10. “Unlaced” featuring two of my favorite authors, Jasmine Haynes and Joey W. Hill.
11. “The Black Dove” by Steve Hockingsmith
12. “The Six Sacred Stones” by Matthew Reilly
13. “Carnal Desires” by Crystal Jordan



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17 responses to “Books on my Wish List

  1. Inez kelley

    I have way more than 13 books on mu wish list. I’d beggar us if I bought everything I wanted to read and never have time to write!!

  2. I hope you get your wishes. Happy T13, Jen!

  3. Jen

    I hear you Inez. I hear you.
    Thanks Adelle.

  4. Oh, some of them are on mine too! Robin Rotham’s Carnal Harvest looks wicked … I can’t wait to get my hands on it! *blushes* thanks for sneaking me in there chick!

  5. Great list, Jennifer! I want to read Eden’s book too. 🙂 Happy Thursday! *hugs*

  6. Yikes! I know exactly what you mean. I have so many things on my read pile.

  7. Oh joy! MORE books to add to my TBR list. LOL

  8. Looks to me like you’re going to be busy reading for a while.

  9. I want that Christine D’Abo one too. I’m in love with her website. I keep going there to look at the graphics. LOL

  10. Carnal Harvest by Robin is HAWT!! HOT! *Fanning self still*

    And being the Beta reader for Christine d’Abo’s Eternal Bonds series, I can highly recommed it. Wait till you read the third book, Taber’s, he comes out on Halloween! 🙂

  11. Jen

    I know, I know. I just can’t afford all the books I want. Yes, I’m whining. LOL.

  12. melsmag

    I love books… *sigh*… too many books to read… so little time…

  13. That’s a great list. I really feel like I ought to check out some of them. 🙂

  14. *Shakes fist at sky* Darn you!!!

    Now I have *more* titles to add to my “to-buy” list!


    Not that I mind that much. The more I spend on books, the less I spend on food. 😉

    Happy TT!

  15. I’m assuming that’s the short list? Here’s hoping you get at least half of those you want! *wg*

  16. They sound great!


    My TT is at

  17. Unlaced is one book I’m looking forward to as well. Denise Rossetti has a story in that and she’s a great writer.

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