It’s Another Tuesday….

…so I’m over at Once Upon A Crime talking about what I’m reading and Brett’s got another installment for his romance.

Last Week, Brett faced down a gun man searching for the mysterious woman that is quickly becoming his new obsession.

Melissa buried her face in the comfortable shoulder of Brett Winn as her brain spun. That gun man had been looking for her. Though she didn’t recognize the masked intruder, she had an inkling of who sent him.
Ex-husbands were the worst.
She straightened and withdrew from Brett’s arms. What had she been thinking? Sean had warned her that she would never get away from him. Did other women have ex-hubands who blackmailed them and put videos of their private sex lives up on YouTube? Or was she just lucky.
“Are you okay? You look a little green.” Brett’s voice was filled with concern.
“I’m fine.” Her mouth was dry. “It was nice to meet you.” She stuck her hand out to shake his and didn’t meet his gaze.
“I’m sorry for the trouble.” She intoned, keeping her eyes on the slew of police streaming into the building. “I’m sure the video is fine.” Even though I didn’t really watch it because I was too busy having the hots for you.
“Wait a minute–” Now, he sounded angry and Melissa closed her eyes. This was for the best.
Whatever he might have said was delayed when a policeman approached them.
“Can you give me your names, please?”
The interrogation was short and to the point. The cop had, of course, heard from the other coffee shop patrons, that Melissa’s picture was shown to everyone by the gunman. She was questioned thoroughly and, though Brett was summarily dismissed by the cop, the man held her hand and wouldn’t leave.
“It sounds to me like someone has it out for you.” The policeman frowned.
“I can’t imagine why,” she lied.
“Where will you be staying?”
“With me.” Brett interrupted her before she could answer and for the first time since the cop started questioning her, she stared at her date. She brushed him off, given him the cold shoulder, and yet, he still stepped forward to help her.
“But-” she started to protest.
“No arguments, Melissa.” Brett glared at her. “Whoever sent that guy probably knows where you live. You can stay with me for a few days until the police find out who’s doing this.”
The cop wrote down Brett’s address and Melissa just shook her head. He had no idea what he was getting into.
Sean was never going to let her go.



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3 responses to “It’s Another Tuesday….

  1. Brett is in for trouble I see. Good for him! 😉

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