A “Here We Go Again” Just Sayin’

It’s that time again. Monday. You know what that means.

To Sarah Palin
Another one bites the dust. When you arrived on the scene, you were interesting, dynamic, exciting. After only two months in the public eye, you’re a soundbite. There was nothing more disappointing than to watch the VP debates and see the canned responses, the constant pounding away at the same points and the CLEARLY rehearsed performances by both candidates. I have watched as Barrack Obama, who I saw in 2004 and said “I wish HE was running for president”, as national politics has changed him into a puppet head with the same crap flowing from him just like all the rest. I’ve watched so many candidates over the last twenty years who begin with “change” in their rhetoric and end up the same old, same old. Whoever coached you for the debate? Can them. Get rid of ’em. Stop telling us you’re a hockey mom and a maverick and BE one. What is it about National politics that forces politicians to “follow the mold” and divide us by class, race and gender? I’m beginning to get a little cynical.
Just Sayin’

To Joe Biden
I began the debate prepared to dislike you. After all these years, Joe, I know what I’m going to get with you. I’ll tell you a secret. You did well. I figured you’d toe the party line. After all, for the most part, you have for thirty-five years. But I was impressed that you managed to sound sincere. I haven’t changed my mind about you, but I wanted to say “Good Job’.
Just Sayin’

To The Folks On Twitter
Especially the “2008 Election Twitter”. I followed along with you during the first debate with Mcain and Obama, but I won’t again. I was appalled at the animosity, the acrimonious responses to the candidates and the nasty comments. And it was BOTH sides. The absolute hatred for Sarah Palin is disturbing. The borderline comments about Obama were scary. And the feeling that if you said something that didn’t follow the majority you’d be piled on was uncomfortable. I have NEVER understood the constant ugliness that seems to accompany politics online. To me, both sides have valid points for whoever they’re trying to represent. I don’t agree with certain things, to be sure. But I am NOT going vilify and sneer at the candidates who are running for higher office. I just don’t get that.
Just Sayin’

To The Boys In The Back Room
Better pull out a miracle and fix the economy, boys. We go down, they ALL go down.
Just sayin’

To Loribelle Hunt and Jodi Henley
I have to give you credit for getting me a little closer to having an agent. Without you, Cup, I might not have met Jessica Faust at all. Without you, Lori, I might not have submitted a query to Ms. Faust last week. Apparently, I need kicks in the ass to move forward. Get your boots on, ladies.
Just sayin’

To Jonah
What the hell is this story you’re giving me? You’ve been a pervy voice in my head for weeks and I’d REALLY like to move on now. Can we just finish this damn thing? And this whole alien sex thing? Not happy about it.
Just sayin’

To Kevin
The wrong heroine? Really? I swear I’ll dump you off another crab fishing boat and you’ll be “Lost at Sea” for ANOTHER eight years.
Just sayin’

To the Redneck
Thank you. For taking the dirt faced okie boys away for a couple of days and giving me some peace and quiet. Now, about those pictures…..
Just sayin’



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13 responses to “A “Here We Go Again” Just Sayin’

  1. Don’t you just hate it when the hero doesn’t like the heroine you gave him? GAH! It’s the most annoying ungrateful thing!

  2. Jen

    Exactly. I was brainstorming with my favorite girl Melissa Blue and realized that I had to start all over with “Eye of the Storm”.
    Nothing like deleting 25K. *cringes*

  3. i agree the twitter stuff.. was crap…

  4. Jen

    There were some mellow, appropriate comments on Twitter, but they were SO out numbered by the awful ones. I just wish there was a bit less hostility.

  5. I totally agree about politics online. I’m just about tired of all of it. My husband is a member of a political forum where they regularly rip each other to pieces. I’ve read some of the posts over his shoulder, and all I can say is that those people must behave more civilly offline or someone would’ve slapped them silly.

  6. Congrats on getting the sub out!! WOOT!

  7. You know I love your Just Sayin’ entries, right? (Well if you don’t, I’m saying writing it again, Sam.)

    I’ve been feeling a bit bad ’cause I like Palin’s simple answers. I think they’re direct. I think she’s NOT trying to snow me. Since when does a long-winded answer mean more?

    And of course I’m thrilled Cup’s *Go-Get-‘Ems* are paying off, even tho I was shocked and aghast on everyone’s behalf that she all but served you all up on platters…

    I guess you were READY, Big Foot Girl!

    (Hey. Where’s my book? I haven’t got it…)


  8. Jen

    You know, Andi, you have a point about Palin. I guess, for me, after hearing her really come out and take the country by storm, I feel like someone coached her into repeating herself. I like her. It’s not a popular position, but I do.
    LOL Cup broke the ice for me. I love her long time for it.
    And I’m SO SORRY about your book. I mailed it yesterday along with an apology. It is on its way baby.

  9. YAY on the request to J.Faust!! Good luck 🙂

    And I totally agree re the debates and politics in general. It’s scary how nasty people can be if your political views aren’t aligned. I shake my head.

    Palin didn’t make an ass of herself, but at any given moment I expected her to look into the camera and say “Live, it’s Saturday Niiiight!!!!”

  10. Jen

    LMAO Wylie!!!! I haven’t watched Tina Fey do her stuff, but I hear it’s pretty amazing.

  11. Jen, I have the links to two of Fey’s skits on my blog. Pretty good stuff. I have really tried to give Palin the benefit of the doubt but so far, she’s pretty much not doin’ it for me. In fact, none of the candidates have solidified my vote because I’m that unimpressed. I guess I have a month left to decide but as of this point, it’s entirely frustrating.

  12. Jen

    I don’t blame you, Sandi. It is frustrating.

  13. Hey there stranger. I have miss your “just sayn'” posts. Glad to see there was another. Politics… funny you should say this because my nephew has been egging me on for months – and he is a major trash talker, but I kept quiet. Today, we blew at each other because he was getting on my last nerve. Why do some people think they can cram their beliefs down someone else’s throat? I wish I would have ignored him, oh well- maybe next time I’ll be more adult. 😳

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