Is Coffee A Date?

I’m over at Once Upon A Crime talking about Happy Endings

And speaking of happy endings, here’s the next installment of the Brett Winn Romance. I haven’t decided if he garners a happy ending or not. Maybe it will be like those DVDs with the alternate endings.

So, continuing Brett’s story from last time…since nothing ever happens on Tuesdays.

Caffeinds was busy with a variety of people and Brett parked his mocha in a small corner where he had a view of the front door. Overhead, muted jazz filled the room along with the low murmur of conversation. Students sprawled their books and laptops on tables littered with empty coffee containers.
Nerves on edge, Brett welcomed the coffee buzz as he sipped and waited. Okay. So he was a little early. And yes, he was wearing one of his t-shirts that stated “I brain you” which might not show him off in the best light. And no, he wasn’t feeling confident at the moment, but he resisted the urge to bolt for his car and wait for Melissa to show up.
Maybe she wouldn’t. The worst part of this kind of thing was Brett wasn’t sure whether he wanted to be stood up or not. He shook his head. Women really messed with his head. Would this one be any different?
Maybe he should have brought chocolate. A bribe on a date never hurts.
Then, she walked in and any coherent thought deserted him. She was gorgeous. It occurred to him that charm might not be enough to interest a woman like this. Maybe he could impress her with his intelligence.
Yeah, he definitely should have brought the chocolate.



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6 responses to “Is Coffee A Date?

  1. Even my wife isn’t impressed with most of my favorite t-shirts – I have a bright orange one that has a monkey head on it with “There is no right way to eat a rhesus” . . . . . heheh

  2. Jen

    OMG that’s hilarious Steve. Most men I know don’t think about what they wear when they meet a woman.
    After all, I think men have the difficult job. They have to ASK for the date with the possibility of a smack down.

  3. Hey! I just got my box o’ books from Whiskey Creek Press – two surprises inside! First of all, the whole package smells exotic, I’m not sure if it’s the ink on the books, or the wrapping, or the packing department actually mists the contents with cologne – either way, it clouded my thinking and I don’t even know why . . . and secondly, the author of the box ‘o books was very kind in her acknowlegments page! That’s me on there, by golly . . . . heheh Now I’m not sure if I want to give them away anymore . . . :o)

  4. Jen

    LOL Steve. You were my “go to guy” on so many things. I owed you.

  5. Brett needs to give already. Either he’s a tougher nut to crack than you thought or you outsmarted yourself and now he’s just waiting for the end of the story. LOL

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