To Those Who Are Left

I suppose that my take on 9/11 isn’t unique or different. I saw it on my T.V. screen just like millions of other people. I wondered what it all meant. To me, it was global, huge, scary.

But to so many, it meant Daddy wasn’t coming home, or their brother was gone, or their husband was dead. To the families of Flight 93, calling them heroes wasn’t going to bring them back to raise their children, kiss their grandkids, or hug their parents.

Perhaps, because a year later, at the end of August of 2002, I lost my father, I began to view it personally, intimately.

So, this post is to those who survived, who are left to ponder seven years later, “When will I stop grieving?”



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12 responses to “To Those Who Are Left

  1. (((((HUGS)))))) A beautiful tribute, Jen. I’ve always loved that song too.

  2. Now you went and done it… *sniff, beautiful ((hugs))

  3. Very moving, Jen. I was going to complain that you didn’t give me a list of videos, but this will do.

  4. to in DC…it never felt real..
    until much later…
    and even then… weird real…
    and today… as i drove past the pentagon..
    while the ceremony to open the new memorial was in progress…was the first time i cried..
    and … the answer is never.. i dont think we ever stop grieving…. we just do it differently as time passes

  5. melsmag

    It’s sad. I remember being in school and hearing about it and it felt so unreal, as though it were just a prank except this time, it was the principal telling us. Beautiful song… so sad. *hugs*

  6. Beautiful song.

    *sigh* my heart still bleeds for those that were lost, and continue to be lost in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

  7. avarosejohnson

    Beautiful. I will never forget that day. I was here in Ireland. Even we were completely devastated by it.

  8. Here in Halifax we played host to thousands of stranded Americans when all air traffic was halted and planes were rerouted to us. So many ripples. So much grief. It will never go away.

    Halifax had our own catastrophe during the First World War, when a munitions ship exploded in the harbour and flattened the city, killing 2000 people. It was 91 years ago and we pause and remember every year. It will be that way with 9/11.

  9. verybadcat

    That’s what keeps it a raw day for me- thinking about all of those people that define today by the empty place at their dinner table, rather than where they were.

    I guess this is our generation’s version of “where were you when Kennedy was shot”, and rightfully so. There’s a swift pang of guilt, though, when I tell that story and realize how benign it is compared to those who lost someone that day.

    I will always remember the eerie silence that fell over Atlanta (and other major cities) while air traffic was halted. Chilling.

  10. I never realize that I’m still grieving until I watch videos like this or read about it. I read my hubby the poem I posted on my blog last night and I busted out in tears. I felt like such a baby but he handled it very well. In fact, he looked a little choked up as well. I don’t think time heals everything but it does lessen some of the pain.

  11. This is a beautiful sentiment.

  12. I see grief every day at work. To me, the grief doesn’t really go away. It sits there at the back of your brain as the years go by, and then something happens that shoves it to the fore and causes your throat to close and your eyes to tear and your chest to ache. It doesn’t go away, it just learns to take a back seat so we can function daily.

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