A Nyquil Induced Just Sayin’

To The Makers Of NyQuil
You plus me plus equals some very odd posts.
Just Sayin’

To Sarah Palin
I love your story and your strength BUT (and there always is one of those, isn’t there?) I’m not dumb enough to think you’re completely squeaky clean. No politician truly is. Even John Edwards wasn’t. All that boyish charm didn’t save him from the wolves. Step carefully. The media is a pool of sharks and they smell fresh meat.
Just sayin’

To The Democratic Congress
I’m amused. You told us you’d end the war. You didn’t even try. You told us you’d get rid of Bush’s policies. Most of them are still in place. You boasted that, given the majority, you’d change things. Things have changed alright. Gas prices are at an all time high, unemployment rose as businesses lay off employees, and you decided to take a vacation. Let me just say this. For all your talk of blaming Bush for the state of affairs, you certainly haven’t shown any alternative to be proud of. My suggestion is to listen to your constituents. They told you what they wanted but you were too busy playing politics. I don’t think voters are going to believe you next election.
Just Sayin’

To the Republican Party
Good call. Canceling a majority of the GOP Convention for Gustav was well done. Has Karl Rove been talking to you guys? Because suddenly, you all are being cagey and smart. How the hell did THAT happen. It was an excellent move.
Just Sayin

To Barrack Obama
You’ve shown class. In vehemently stating that Palin’s daughter ought to be off limits, you went up in my estimation. Unfortunately, I’m still of the opinion that I’d like a Do Over. Don’t know what I mean?
Here’s a video.
Just Sayin’

To The Redneck
After all these years of bitching about the kids “making you sick” and “giving you colds”. I’d like to thank you for bringing this doozy home for us to enjoy. I especially like the body aches. THOSE have been a blast. Oh, and the not being able to hear anything part was really fun. This time you were the carrier. Good times.
Just sayin’

To Todd Kauffman
Inquiring minds want to know. When is Heather going to get kicked off of Total Drama Island and why why why is it taking so long? Really. My eight year old is going on and on about it.
Just Sayin’



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11 responses to “A Nyquil Induced Just Sayin’

  1. Awww! I didn’t know you were sick! I woulda sent you some virtual chicken soup. (Hot naked male images). Let me know if you don’t feel well tonight and I’ll send the soup. 😉

  2. OK, just watched like six episodes of TDI last night. And yes, I again laughed more than my children. Testicle eating? Seeing boobies? Yeah, not so much for the two year old but definately entertaining for the momma.

  3. Jen

    What? I haven’t been whining enough, Winter? LOL. I’ll have to do more complaining next time.
    And Sandi, I know what you mean. My kids love Owen because he farts all the time. Me? I think Gwen is hilarious. I have a tough time remembering THEY’RE CARTOONS!!!

  4. verybadcat

    I love how men are always such babies when they’re sick, but then once they’ve given it to you, they’re all better and wondering why you’re so crabby….

  5. Jen

    You should have seen us, VBC. Both of us were miserable this weekend. At least he didn’t try the “I’m sicker and more miserable than you are” game. I might have killed him. LOL.

  6. Aww, feel better soon. (but keep the drugged posts a’comin’ 😉 )

  7. So sorry that you’re sick. Hugs.

  8. Um…Todd Kaufman found your post and commented…

  9. Jen

    Thanks Amy.
    And Julia, I SAW that. Cool eh?

  10. It’s the end of the week and I’m just now getting to your blog. Hope the nyquil has done wonders for you Jen. Hugs

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