Thirteen Reasons My Birthday Rocks!!!

Today is my birthday and this has been an awesome birthday for me already. Here’s why.

Thirteen Reasons My Birthday Rocks
1. I got a contract for “Regaining Command” from Liquid Silver Books.
2. My Mom gave me a new necklace
3. My sister sent me a gift card. WOOOT
4. I bought Tri Tip steaks
My one indulgence
5. I don’t have to work this week
I thought I was going to have to go to the office, but the secretary came back early and I’m off the hook.
6. I have a submission into Miriam Kriss and Heather Osbourn
7. Forty is the new twenty so I hear
8. My phone is fixed
Long story but let’s just say AT&T gave me a birthday present I love.
9. My In-Laws Gave me a Border’s GC
OMG I LOVE it when I can shop at bookstores!
10. “The Secret She Keeps” is in final edits.
11. “Regaining Command” is already in edits
12. I got a signed copy of “The Mark of the Vampire Queen” by Joey W. Hll.
Dayna got me one because she lurrrrves me.
13. I’m Forty
And I think that rocks.



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50 responses to “Thirteen Reasons My Birthday Rocks!!!

  1. w00t! w00t! Happy Birthday chicka! You rock! Sounds like an awesome day already. {{{hugs}}}

  2. Happy Birthday……and well now the day is already rockin….

  3. Happy Birthday, Jen! Awesome list of positives you’ve got going there. May this coming year bring even more your way cause YOU ROCK!

  4. Hope your birthday is magical Jen! Sounds like it got off to a great start. šŸ™‚

  5. Jen

    Thanks guys!!!! I thought I was going to be bummed about forty, but I’m not. It’s pretty awesome.

  6. Woooo hoooo! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What great stuff you’ve got on this list! No one deserves it more either. Clearly, all the recalcitrant characters need to give it up to you now. šŸ˜‰ Hope your day just gets better and better!

  7. Jen

    Thanks Winter!!!! Me too!

  8. Have a great day Jen! Happy Birthday!

    Glad you are taking 40 so well! Today is another good friend’s b-day and she is turning 40 too!


    Big Hugs and congrats on the new contract! That is absolutely fantastic. Liquid Silver rocks!

    And sweetie when I met you at Nationals I did not think you looked 40 at all. You were looking fine, compared to deer in the headlights me! LOL!

  10. Happy birthday lady! You look great for a 30 year old!!!

  11. Jen

    I took 36 a lot worse. It think I’ve accepted my age, Tricia. Well, for today anyway. LOL.
    And Amy Dahlink! Thank you!
    Sandi, LOL.

  12. Kym

    Forty is one of the best years. Enjoy how you start caring less about what others think and more about being the best that you can. Happy Birthday!

  13. Happy Birthday Jennifer — hope it continues to rock!

  14. Great TT! Happy Birthday!


    My TT is at

  15. AWESOME! Happy 40th Bday! YAY Congrats!

  16. Happy birthday! 40 is totally the new 20… which makes me 21 (woot! I’m legal, lol).

    Have a great birthday… enjoy those GC’s and congrats on your contract.


  17. melsmag

    Yay, happy Birthday! Great list… it’s no wonder you’re having a great day!

  18. wow what a great birthday! congrats on the book deal too!

  19. Hey, you told me you got a six year old.

    Happy Birthday again!

  20. Jen

    LMAO Mel!! Don’t be giving away secrets.

  21. Happy birthday, Jen! And I totally hope 40 is the new 20, ’cause that means I’m only 24! šŸ˜€

  22. Jen

    LOL Robin! Amen sistah.
    Thanks Dayle!

  23. Hey-yo, 40 is the new 30. Since I turned 40 in April, I’m almost 31-and-a-half.

    Congrats on all of the work you’ve got going on. GO, you.

    Now tell me…what is the pull of a tri-tip steak? How does it compare with a filet (one of my indulgences)?

  24. Jen

    ANDI!!! Guess what I got in the mail today!!! The book I need to sign and send you, “Edge of the Storm”.
    Tri Tips are a little less expensive than filets. I like them a lot.

  25. *mwah*
    Happy Birthday, Jen!

    Big congrats on your new contract! Woo!

    And ‘life begins at 40’ was completely true for me.

  26. Jen

    Thanks Julia!!!! Expect an email from me when my book comes out!

  27. :::sigh::: but no gift/wish list on Amazon……

    Happy Birthday Girl!

  28. Jen

    Thank Attila. I usually have the Amazon thing covered for Christmas. LOL.

  29. krisyankee

    40 does rock! I entered this same decade a month ago today, and it’s been pretty good so far.

    Welcome to the 40 club, where hot mamas rule!

  30. verybadcat

    A day late and a dollar short. Story of my life. šŸ˜‰

    Happy birthday, friend. You rock! I hope it was a great one.


  31. Jen

    WOOOOOOOOOT! Kris!! You and me baby! Fantastic and Forty.

  32. Jen

    Thanks VBC. You’ve been horrendously busy. It was awesome.

  33. Happy birthday, Jen. And congrats on the new contract! Hopefully those agents will be kind, too.

  34. Jen

    I hope so too, Susan!!

  35. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! and congratulations on the new contract. You deserve it, girl!

  36. Jen

    Thanks Lothian!!! Great to see you!

  37. What? No spankings???

    Happy Birthday, sistah.


  38. Jen

    Not till the Redneck gets home, Kristabel. I promise to email you details if you want ’em. LOL. (I’m kidding. I won’t)

  39. Sue


    You’ll always be younger than me šŸ˜€

    Love you hon!

  40. Jen

    Woooooot!! That’s some awesome singing there, Toni Sue! Thanks darlin’.
    And I’m not THAT much younger. LOL.

  41. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! A little belated but just wanted to say it to you Jen! I’m glad you had such an excellent day! Just drag it out a bit and claim it to be a BIRTHDAY WEEKEND šŸ™‚


  42. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and 40 isn’t bad at all. Take it from someone who just turned 50.

  43. Jen

    That’s my plan Java Queen!
    Thanks Lucinda.

  44. Dang it, I was hoping 45 was the new 20 . . . . you and I were born just 2 days apart . . . ahem, okay, 5 years and 2 days . . . . fellow Virgos, aren’t our spouses lucky??!! heheh Happy birthday Jen and congrats on all the good news, especially the contracts . . .

  45. Jen

    No kidding, Steve!!!! I had no idea!!! Happy Birthday!!

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