A New Group Blog And The Third Brett Winn Installment

I’m talking about villains over at Once Upon A Crime.

And we need to continue my attempts to get into the Secret 22 with the Brett Winn romance. Yeah, Brett. It’s heating up and pretty soon I’m going to have to put a warning up for age limits. LOL. Or you could just send me my email that will make me stop.

DISCLAIMER: Any resemblance to Brett Winn’s actual life is purely coincidental.

Melissa stared at the embossed business card on her kitchen table. “Brett Winn, Titan Arts Inc.”. She knew she needed to call him. Once she’d seen that camera, all her old fear rushed over her.
It was difficult to remember that this man hadn’t done anything wrong. At least the camera was in his hand and visible.
Not like Trevor.
This Brett Winn couldn’t know that a man once video taped her without her knowledge and posted it on YouTube. He couldn’t know her massive distrust of anyone with a camera and men in general. The worst thing was she was definitely attracted to the man. Why did the one man who made her heart stir hold a camera?
She ran her finger nail over the business card and bit her lip. Back in the safety of her apartment, she could admit she’d been less than friendly, frozen with fear. And she did want to see what this man did with a camera. Maybe not all men with a camera were out to humiliate her.
Still, her stomach fluttered as she flipped open her cell phone. She dialed the number and waited.
“Hello?” The man’s voice was like his face, open and friendly.
“Mr. Winn?” She cleared her throat. “I saw your videos online.” Lame, she thought. Why am I having such a hard time talking to this man?
“And what did you think?”
“They’re very funny.” Her tone was flat. The fear lay just beneath the surface and she couldn’t seem to shake it.
“A ringing endorsement.” He sounded amused. “I’d like you to see the video I made at Target. I don’t want you to think I’m a creepy stalker guy.”
“I’d like that.”
“Why don’t you meet me at Caffeinds? It’s public and has pretty good food. You know where it is, right?”
Caffiends was one of her favorite coffee shops. A little freaky.
“I know where it is. Do you go there a lot?”
“No. Not really. I take clients there. It’s quiet and it has a great name.” He laughed.
“Fine. When?”
“Well, I’m free tonight. Caffeinds stays open until Midnight. What’s good for you?”
“I can be there at 9pm.” Was she really going to do this? Was she really going to meet a man she didn’t know, who filmed people in a Target store and resembled one of the Back Street Boys? Yes, she was.
“Great. I’ll bring my camera and you can see the replay on it. Thank you, Melissa.”
She shivered as he said her name. She liked the way it sounded.
“I’ll see you tonight then.” She wished she didn’t sound so stiff and unfriendly, but her experience with men hadn’t prepared her for Brett Winn.


Brett sighed with relief when he hung up the phone. He had a chance to see Melissa again. But he’d seen something behind her eyes that spurred him to prove he was a nice guy. At 9pm, he’d have that chance. Hopefully, she didn’t see his video about love.


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