A Gustav Just Sayin’

To Democrat Don Fowler
Your comments during this trying timehave been in stark contrast to the Republican response to Gustav. And that the comments made it to YouTube is unfortunate. I wasn’t surprised to hear Michael Moore had said very similar things but I guess I expected something a little better from someone who is our government. Silly me.
Just Sayin’

To John McCain
I think you picked a fabulous running mate and you’ve acquited yourself well in the impending hurricane descending on New Orleans. It’s nice to see you haven’t lost your touch. I think your choice shows that maverick side we’ve been missing. Don’t stop now.

To Barrack Obama
I love how you’ll send out emails to your supporters to “volunteer” to help with Gustav. Hey. Here’s a heads up. Most of the people who will serve will do it because they’re awesome, not because you email them. I think perhaps you’re overestimating your influence. I don’t know why it made me kind of mad. It smacked a little of arrogance–like somehow YOUR words will spur otherwise apathetic people to action. I have nothing but admiration and respect for all those who drop everything and get their hands dirty. I doubt they’ll be there because of a well worded email from your campaign.
Is that bitchy? Yeah I know.
Just Sayin’

To Sarah Palin
I’ve caught some of your story. Five children (one with Downs), Govenor of Alaska and maverick politician. Frankly, I think John McCain needs you. No matter what the media says, you’ll have to keep the man awake. I think you can do it.
Just Sayin

To Everyone in Gustav’s path
May God bless you and keep you safe.

To All Who Sacrificed For Worker’s Rights
I didn’t forget. Today is Labor Day and it’s a time I remember those who stepped up and faced down some very determined corporate goons to give us rights to better lives. It’s time to remember that work is NOT the only thing in our lives. Something I often forget.
Just sayin’



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4 responses to “A Gustav Just Sayin’

  1. Kym

    Palin shows a stroke of political genius on McCain’s part. However, if what some of the liberal hate blogs are saying (yes, I’m a liberal but hate is hate no matter where it comes from) then she may some heavy baggage that will drag down the duo.

  2. Jen

    I don’t think there’s a politician alive and in office that doesn’t have baggage. There’s always something.
    I just hope that whatever is coming about her has already made to McCain’s attention. There’s nothing worse than a running mate that gets caught flat footed.

  3. I like Palin too but I have to wonder at her choice to accept. The news being out now that her teenage daughter is pregnant and the hell that the media is going to do to her family because of this. I think despite the amazing opportunity I’d have had to put my family first. I hope it all dies down soon but doubt that it will.

    Glad to see Gustav downgraded and didn’t make a direct hit on NOLA but thinking about the poor people that were in the path. Mother Nature can be such a bitch. It seems we were more prepared this time thankfully.

  4. This is great Jen. Love this and especially your dedication at the end – you write beautifully!

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