Crystal Jordan’s Lastest Release!!! Don’t Miss It Whiskey Wednesday

One of my favorite authors has FINALLY released her Kensington book. And for those of us who have been waiting breathlessly, it’s party time. Don’t miss out. *raises shot glass* Congrats darlin’!

In Ice - Sexy Beast VIN ICE

SEXY BEAST V anthology — Kensington Aphrodisia — Genre: Sci-Fi/Future; Paranormal; Shifter
ISBN-10: 075821989X — ISBN-13: 978-0758219893
Order NOW: ~ Barnes & Noble ~

Read an Excerpt

They’re primed and primal, untamed and unstoppable, always ready to go further, harder, longer to bring a woman pleasure that’s wild, fiery, and out of this world.

When Jain Roberts’ ship crashes on a distant, futuristic planet, she’s rescued by Kesuk, the lusty clan leader of the Arctic Bears. This magnificent creature with white-blond hair and a potent masculinity haunts her dreams–dreams he intends to make deliciously real, as he draws her into a realm of complete sexual abandon.



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5 responses to “Crystal Jordan’s Lastest Release!!! Don’t Miss It Whiskey Wednesday

  1. Congrats Crystal.

    There was an interesting discussion on Divas Live Chat last night about Polar Bears a *wink*

  2. Jen

    LOL Amy!!!! You should see the NEXT book with Crystal’s panthers. Whew! Hot and sexy. That woman can WRITE.

  3. LOL–I’m innocent, I swear. I have no idea what Amy might be referring to. *adjusts halo*

    Jen–Shh…no giving away my dirty li’l secrets. Cuz I’m innocent. See previous comment.

  4. Jen

    Innocent? *snirk* Yeah. You’re innocent.

  5. Gah! My TBB pile is insane. But I love shifters…

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