The First Day Of School Just Sayin’

To The Dirt Faced Okie Kids
Wow. Considering we’ve had no schedule and no consistency during this insane summer, you got up, ate breakfast, got dressed and got ready for school this morning with no problem. I was absolutely amazed. And considering how little we knew about what was going to happen, you guys were troopers. *high fives*. You rock.
Just Sayin’

To My Kid’s Grammar School
Don’t get me wrong. I am so happy my kids go to your hallowed halls BUT I got absolutely NO letter stating there would be no parking due to the changes in the school layout. I got no letter notifying me of what I’d need to pay for. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve been doing this crap for a couple of years, I would have been in trouble. As it was, I was confused. Except that your staff is fantastic and directed me with no problem. Here’s hoping I’ll never have to drive my car to drop off the kids again.
Just Sayin

To Barrack Obama
You knew I couldn’t pass up a chance to talk about your choice of running mate. Mr. Biden has always been a man I’ve respected within the party until the last four years. He’s alternated between incorrect forecasts and misplaced criticism. His animosity for particular members of Bush’s cabinet led him to, in my opinion, stick his neck out in a very public way. And he was wrong. Of course, all that is forgotten as he stands arm and arm with you. I don’t question your decision. You had to make a choice and the list wasn’t all that exciting. It is kind of sad to see the politics as usual from both sides. Why did we expect any different?
Just Sayin’

To John McCain
Wow. You were caught napping. Again. Two things, my friend. Always be aware of your financial status in relation to your constituents and be prepared to defend it. Rather than say you don’t know how many houses you have, maybe say you have an investment firm handling your property. Because frankly, those of us who can’t pay our mortgages every month and who can’t repair broken walls and floors aren’t going to tolerate some rich fuck spouting off about the common man. Don’t even try to pretend like you’re one of us. No politician is. The trick is, can you at least UNDERSTAND where we’re coming from? As a voter, I already realize that politicians have access to money and shit that I don’t, and never will, have. I also realize my entire life isn’t a special on CNN either. It’s a trade off. But you don’t get to be “absent minded” about your wealth. It’s arrogant. I keep telling you and you’re not listening. Don’t be an asshole.
Just Sayin

The Olympics are over and let me tell you what I’ve learned. I’ve learned that Bob Costas is an ethnocentric asshole. I’ve learned that China kicks ass. I’ve learned that Benin is a little country who managed to send their athletes despite every disadvantage. I’ve learned that Gold medals aren’t as important as the drive to try as evidenced by the South African marathon swimmer with only one leg. I’ve learned that Somalia’s athletes faced threats from insurgents and apathy from their government, but they came to Beijing and represented their country. I learned all of these things and NOT from your coverage. Isn’t it sad that Phelps was your only focus for four days because he WINS. Isn’t it sad that Usain Bolt was given so much air time because he’s the new world record holder in the 100m? Isn’t it sad that the Olympians that faced adversity, stuck to their dream through pain, and came to Beijing, not to win, but to be there, were not even on your radar? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You missed the point. The Olympics are not about Gold medals and world records. It’s not about the domination of one country over the rest. It’s about the best of the best performing on a world stage and, for one shining moment, they are their country’s brightest star. Your slick, glamorized vision of the games is cynical and sad. I’m just grateful that there were other places, other resources to view the incredible moments these games had. I still love the Olympics. But your coverage sucked big donkey ass.
Just Sayin’

To Jonah Speigler
I get rid of Donny and you show up all chatty and crap. Why you wouldn’t let me just write your story in a subplot I don’t know. AND you’ve totally taken me into a realm I wasn’t prepared to go into. As a character, you’re making me crazy. Unlike Donny, there’s no rush for me to write your damn story and I’ve got other stuff on my plate. You’re cute and all, but I’m NOT WRITING THAT STORY! Well, not now. Okay maybe a little. *groan* You’re going to start bugging me in the shower, arent’ you.
Just Sayin’



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13 responses to “The First Day Of School Just Sayin’

  1. Miles talked to me in the shower this morning. I blame you. Just sayin’. 😉

  2. Good lord! Didn’t you love the parking situation this morning?!! It was freakin’ terrible. We got there at 0745 and thankfully were able to get in and out pretty easily although I had to park out on the main drag. Here’s to good school bus service *raises glass* !!!

  3. Winter’s been saying nice things about you to me, so I thought I’d drop in to say hello.

    My rugrats go back on Thursday. I wish it was Wednesday.

  4. verybadcat

    You tell ’em, girl. 🙂

  5. Jen

    LMAO Winter. I swear I never said a word to Miles. Now I can’t say that DONNY didn’t.
    Jeez, Sandi!!! I was there at a little after 7:30 this morning and I felt like I was in a daze. And I’ll drink to the bus service you betcha.
    Ah Susan, how are you? I hope the next three days fly for you.
    I will VBC, I will.

  6. We got another week of summer vacation here.

    School doesn’t start till September 2nd.

  7. LOL as always. But I missed most of the Olympics because summer is INSANE at work–what did Bob Costas do? Were the commentators stupid about the Chinese again? I remember in the 90s some idiot talking about how the Chinese girls simply weren’t built to excel at gymnastics. Showed him, I guess!

    And I’m wicked annoyed at the whole Joe Biden thing. “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said in 2007. What a ringing endorsement from your VP candidate. Like THAT’s not going to come back and bite them.

    Don’t get me started on McCain. Psycho.

  8. Oh, wait, was it the US-dominated coverage that you’re blaming on Bob Costas? I never know if it’s his fault or some producer’s above him, but you’re totally right.

  9. Jen

    Oh my God, Amy. My sympathies. I hope the next week goes by really really fast.
    And Tracy, I think my problem with Bob Costas is that he seemed to have a rather cynical and negative view of the games, which to me, are an example of the human ability to cooperate. Rather than see the heroic and amazing, he seemed to focus on the accomplishment (or lack thereof) in every situation.
    It always seemed to me that there was an attitude of superiority and condescension from the NBC coverage.
    I think there were some sour grapes there. The Chinese ROCKED these games. Really. They were absolutely amazing and deserve respect and admiration regardless of their politics.

  10. Kym

    “It is kind of sad to see the politics as usual from both sides. Why did we expect any different?”

    I try not to be naive and hopeful but, every year almost I get suckered again.

    Biden…Bidet. Coincidence that those two words are just a one letter apart. I think not.

  11. Jen

    LOL Kym! *sigh* I think going for the experience card was a mistake.
    Just because your opponent hammers you for it, doesn’t mean you have to cater to it.
    I was so hopeful that he’d pick a maverick, a surprise, a newcomer. Someone to carry the same message and drive it home.
    But hope isn’t a message that’s abundant with politicians out there.
    In my opinion, he bowed to pressure. But it’s easy to say shit from my comfortable arm chair, safe from the cameras and the attack ads.

  12. Why are schools so stupid? Do they think parents don’t notice? The first day of kindergarten for my daughter … I had no idea where to go, how to buy lunch, nothing. And the staff looked at me like I had two heads because I asked a question. Pissed me off. Like it would have killed them to have a greeter at the front door for new parents?

    And the election? *sigh* Let’s just say, I’m glad it’s almost over. How it turns out will be interesting.

    Olympics? May I just say …. Canadian television. Yep, we’re lucky.


  13. Jen

    Nina, I have NO idea. I do think my kid’s school is better than some. Why would any school want to have confusion? *shakes head*

    I’m jealous of your Canadian television.

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