Now I’ve Got Another One

I finally get rid of Donny, the character that annoys me in the shower, by finishing “Regaining Command” (Yayyyyyyy!) and another one pops up.
That’s right. This time, it’s a secondary character who wouldn’t follow the plot. He was SUPPOSED to get a happy ending at the end of “Regaining Command” but no such luck. For 47,000 words, I had Donny AND Jonah. Man, is he chatty. Now, I will say Jonah leaves me alone in the shower BUT he’s annoying the rest of the time.
I was kind of hoping this would be the last in this particular time period, but no such luck. Apparently, Jonah is going to run into another Rogue Tribunal.
Not to mention David Peters, a character from “The Mask She Wears”, who needs to have his story written too.
Let the ideas keep coming. LOL.
Be watching for a contest coming up soon for a chance to win the entire Command Series.



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5 responses to “Now I’ve Got Another One

  1. It’s hard to keep characters under control. If only they had a waterproof laptop for the shower. 😉

  2. Jen

    LOL Susan! Exactly. I don’t know how many scenes have been written with me in a towel.

  3. I write in a towel too, but I get my best ideas from dreams. Freaking characters talk to me a lot when I’m sleeping. Lately, though, I need Bram to talk to me and he’s being waaaaay too quiet. I hate that.

  4. Jen

    Oh man! Me too Winter. I’d rather be annoyed all day long than have them go quiet on me.

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