Thirteen Of My Favorite Olympic Moments

Although I was furious with NBC for their horrible coverage, I managed to find all of the results and videos for the Olympics on the Official Beijing Olympic Website. Check it out. Dana Belfry gave me that link. I heart her.

1. Nastia Lukin’s parallel bar routine
2. Shannon Johnson’s Beam routine
3. Jonathan Horton’s Horizontal Bar routine
4. Guo Jingjing of China going for diving gold
5. Alexandre Despatie of Canada’s silver medal dive
6. Women’s Individual Sabre Final Matches (fencing)
7. Katie Hoff’s Silver medal swim 400m freestyle
8. Jason Lazek’s last 50m in the 4X100 relay
9. Kristy Coventry’s silver medal in the 100m backstroke
10. Aaron Piersol’s gold medal in the 100m backstroke
11. Ryan Lochte’s gold medal in the 200m backstroke
12. The heartbreaking Lolo Jones stumble on the 100m hurdles
13. Michael Phelp’s amazing gold medal swim in the 100m butterfly



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24 responses to “Thirteen Of My Favorite Olympic Moments

  1. Considering that the butterfly was his weakest stroke, and he had to close a huge gap, the finish was a heart-stopper.

  2. Yeah, yeah. I know why you were watching Alexandre Despatie. You don’t fool me. 😉

  3. Jen

    Julia, that was the BEST race I’ve seen so far. SOOOOOOO close and so cool.
    Um, I have no idea Winter. LOL.

  4. Oh, I’ve gone through a box of tissues! I’m loving these olympics. It doesn’t matter which country, when they show the story behind the athlete and then them getting a medal … I’m balling my eyes out!

    You’ve got a great list here, Jen.

  5. Jen

    I have to say the Gold medal beach volleyball game China vs. USA was AMAZING!!!!! I wrote this before I saw it. What a stunner!

  6. Oooo thanks for the link. Now all I have to do is get to a non-dialup internet access.

  7. Give me bobsledding and ski jump and I’m there, although I did like last night’s diving!

  8. Jen

    Alice, do you want me to tell you again why your dialup needs to be replaced? No?
    Oh come on.

  9. lol. I know, I know. Maybe in this next year…

  10. Kym

    At least I have some pitiful form of broadband so tonight when Starband no longer counts every second of usage against me, I’ll be following this link.

  11. I love the Olympics! All that inspiration, triumph and tragedy… Unfortunately, I agree that the coverage has been less than satisfactory. 😉

    Great list! Thanks.

  12. I guess I’m the only one who’s not following the Olympics. 😀

  13. I feel like such a horrible American. I haven’t watched any of the Olympics so far. *bows head in shame*

  14. Not really into the diving so I didn’t see 4 or 5, but did catch all the rest. In lieu of those I missed, how about Dara Torres, proving you’re never too old to win a few swimming medals?

  15. Jen

    Tempest and Stephanie, I think there’s lots of people who aren’t into the Olympics. And I think that’s fine too.
    Heather, there were so many awesome races in swimming this year that I could have done thirteen of just those.
    There was also Usain Bolt’s record breaking 100m. That Jamaican runner is incredible.
    There’s some awesome stories this year.

  16. inezkelley

    Sadly, I have not viewed one minute of the Olympics this year, not a one. 😦

  17. Jen

    Inez, catch the videos. They are so cool.

  18. I almost cried for Lolo Jones. That poor girl! 😦

  19. Jen

    I did too, Crystal.
    And both the American relay teams who were disqualified because both the men’s and women’s team dropped the baton. It was a heartbreaking moment.

  20. I totally agree. Finding that link was the best surprise ever! Glad it worked for you too! 🙂

  21. I’ve been up late far too many nights catching moments to remember! Great list!

    So how are you doing after your surgery? Kids back home driving you crazy yet? 🙂

  22. But after 2,008 drummers playing in unison what will they do to put out the flame….

  23. Jen

    I’m doing okay but yes, the dirt faced okie boys are back home and driving me crazy. LOL.
    I have no idea Dougist. Maybe they’ll have 2008 water bearers.

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