So, I Have A Goal….

….and you guys get to help me. LOL.

I really want to be one of the 22 but to get it, I have to do something awesome. Or at least follow through on a threat. My idea (okay, my threat) was I’d write them into a romance story. You know I can do it. So, just for shits and giggles, I’m going to post the Brett and Jedd Winn series every week. I’ll start with Brett’s story since he’s the probably the one who’s ignoring my idea keeping from membership.

So every Tuesday, you’ll get a few paragraphs as I tell the story of Brett Winn’s romance. Or until he gives in. Whichever comes first.

The French Connection

“We mean it. Unlike the seeing my pants thing, you will never know. I’m not even sure we know.” Brett gazed into the camera as Jedd focused on him for their show “22 Envy”.
“Okay.” Jedd clicked off the camera. “That’s it. I’ve got to catch my plane.”
“Do you think they really believe we’re doing special videos for the 22?” Brett grinned at his brother. Their idea to tell their viewers that the videos were going to stop when actually Jedd was just going on vacation was inspired. Brilliant, really.
“Sure. I get to enjoy Belize and you get to use that fake French accent of yours.” His brother packed his equipment with brisk fingers. And why not? He was heading for the beautiful beaches of an island paradise while Brett was staying behind in San Diego to roast in the city.
“You have to admit, it will get people to try to get in. It’s good promo.”
Jedd smirked. “You just want an opportunity to stalk women in Target.”
“That’s not true.” Brett protested.
“Sure it is.” Jedd sighed. “We’re the last ones to tie the knot. After all, the other four Winns are married and have kids. The pressure’s on.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“That’s never stopped you before.”
Brett laughed and clapped Jedd on the shoulder. “Have a good trip, bro.”
“Will do.” Jedd studied him for a moment. “Don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone okay?”
“You’re only going to be gone for two weeks. What are you worried about?”

Stay Tuned!



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8 responses to “So, I Have A Goal….

  1. What is your rating for this story? Just wondering. Like, NC-17, for instance?

  2. Jen

    Well, Julia, I think I’ll keep it out of the X-rated realm but other than that all bets are off!
    Unless Judd or Brett let me into the Secret 22.
    Oh, and I’m always willing to take suggestions from any blog readers too.

  3. ROFL!!

    Well since it’s out of X-rated then I can’t suggest you know things like whips, chains, leather, oil, bananas, cereal … *wink*

  4. Jen

    I think I can use all of those things and still keep it R-rated. But maybe not. Mmmmm I think I’ll have to put an age warning on these posts. Buhahahahahahahahahaw!!!!!

  5. Lemme know if you wanna borrow Weylyn or one of the vampires. I have one named after a blogger even, Mr. Fabulous…LOL

    I think you should be let in. But I’m obviously smarter than they are because I recognize that you are unique and special. Gah. Men.

  6. Jen

    LOL Winter!!! Vampires. Now there’s an idea.

  7. Hey Jen, I was goofing off with Google, typed in “Romance Goals” and this is what popped up as #10. Thats 10th out of 16 million. You go, girl.

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