Here’s One I Haven’t Seen Before….

One of my favorite bloggers, Julia, did a meme and tagged me. This is on I’ve not seen so I thought I’d give it a try.

1. List one of your writing goals for the upcoming month and how likely you are to accomplish it

For the month of September, I have three goal. Make sure “Legend of Fools” is polished very well in case Miriam Kriss asks for a full. Finish edits on “The Secrets She Keeps” and lastly, finish “Eye of the Storm” the third book in my Storm series at Whiskey Creek Press.

2. What genre or subject would you like to write about that you aren’t currently?
I have this women’s fiction story featuring five women and five men. I don’t think I’ve got the skills to pull that book off yet, but it’s still in my wip folder. I also have a fantasy series that I haven’t finished yet.

3. What is your writing lifestyle, habits? How do you manage the interruptions with your writing? How do you stay positive? Believe in your writing success?

I write in the mornings usually unless I go on a binge and then I can write for hours any time of the day. That usually happens when I have a deadline (self imposed or otherwise). I always have to have a cup of coffee, even if I’m writing at night. I don’t manage interruptions. I just deal with them. The phone, I ignore. The kids I deal with as best I can and I’m always there for my friends. Amazingly, I still get to write a lot. I stay positive by moving forward, remembering I’m blessed and talking to other authors who encourage me. I’m still struggling to believe in my writing success.

4. Are you a pantser or plotter?
Panster all the way. I often don’t know the end of a story until I write it.

5. Who are two of your favorite current authors and why

I’m a squeeing fangirl for Joey W. Hill and Christine Feehan.
Joey W. Hill is the only author who EVER made vampires appealing to me. Her books “The Vampire Queen Servant” and “The Vampire Queen’s Mark” are awesome books with fabulous characters. My first introduction to her was “Natural Law” which is still my favorite Joey Hill book though I love them all.
Christine Feehan wrote the Game series featuring the Ghostwalkers. I lurrrrve them. Then, when I met her, she was so sweet and gracious. I love her stories.

6. How does your family feel about your writing

My husband is awesome and supportive even though he doesn’t always understand it. He writes poetry but he doesn’t get a bunch of time to really write so he loves it that I do. My mother thinks I’m going straight to Hell for my erotic writing. I think it’s tough for her because she wishes I wrote like Debbie Macomber, but I don’t. LOL.

I hate tagging folks. If you want to do it, let me know you did and I’ll come visit.



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7 responses to “Here’s One I Haven’t Seen Before….

  1. Loved reading your answers. Now I’m curious about Joey Hill’s vampire books. Hmm…

    Was it possible to have kept your mom completely in the dark as to what you wrote? She sounds like a need-to-know basis, really. Ah, well – c’est la vie. You can’t help how she feels, and she can’t do anything about her daughter being a kick-ass erotic romance writer.

  2. Gah! I cannot talk about goals. However, I shall say that I was a total post ho at the Bar this week and I feel much better now.

  3. Jen

    Good Winter. I keep waiting to hear about your next work.

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