The Sequel To “The Mask She Wears” Coming Soon!

“The Secrets She Keeps” will be out mid September so be looking for it. Here’s the blurb.

Tessa Aden has it all…a great job, good friends, and a fantastic boyfriend. She just has one problem, she’s never had an orgasm during sex. When Zac misinterprets an Instant Message from a friend as a complaint about his technique in the bedroom, she’d rather let him walk away than admit her dark desires.

Fearing she wouldn’t understand his dominant nature, Zac Shandler gave up the BDSM lifestyle to be a part of Tessa’s vanilla life. Yet he seems to be losing her anyway. Will Zac put his heart on the line to claim Tessa’s love and finally force her to reveal the secret she keeps



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7 responses to “The Sequel To “The Mask She Wears” Coming Soon!

  1. There’s some procrastination I can get on board with.

  2. verybadcat

    I’ve been trying to resist your romance novels since I’ve met you. Don’t really know why- they’ve just never been my thing. You’re sucking me in! How can I not read that after the blurb?! And what sense does it make to read a sequel without reading the others?!

    ~grumble~ 😉

  3. Oh, now that’s a good cover.

    And I looked it up. You’re 7 hours away from me. So close, yet so far.

  4. Another cover I can’t possibly resist…

  5. Oh, and tag! You’re it!

  6. Ew lah, lah.

    I love how your characters love each other. Not just physically, either.

    Me can’t wait.

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