Thirteen Songs That Inspire Me (I know. AGAIN? Damn Right)

I don’t know about ya’ll but I need all the inspiration I can get these days. With the economy, the state of the world, life’s frenetic pace, I need to have every single word in my arsenal.

I know you dial up folks are cursing me right now. I hope you can listen to a few of them.

1. Amanda Marshall “I Believe In You” (Thanks to Kaige for introducing me to this artist)

2. Busta Rhymes and Linkin Park with “We Made It”

3. Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”

4. Martina McBride’s “Anyway”

5. Meredith Brook’s “Crazy” (set to some very cute home videos)

6. Celine Dion’s “That’s The Way It Is”

7. Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush singing “Don’t Give Up”

8. Incognito’s “Don’t You Worry About A Thing” (I first heard Manhattan Transfer do this song. I love it)

9. Nickelback’s “Savin’ Me”

10. Sarah McLachlan’s “Ordinary Miracle”

11. 3 Doors Down “Pages”

12. Avril Lavigne “Keep Holding On” (with awesome pics from “Eragon”. I love that movie.)

13. “I Will Survive” by (of all people) CAKE!!!



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20 responses to “Thirteen Songs That Inspire Me (I know. AGAIN? Damn Right)

  1. After reading Acheron, every time I hear Nickelback’s “Saving Me” all I can think of is Ash playing guitar and singing that song to Tory. *sighs* How romantic….

  2. Ohh you have some nice songs. Don’t you just love music?

  3. *sigh* I love music to set the mood. But I have to admit, I didn’t have time to watch the videos, Jen. 😦

    Happy T13 to you chicka!

  4. AJ O'Donovan

    Ack, spoiler! thanks tempest. i can’t seem to avoid them recently.

    Anyway. you’ve got some great songs on here Jen!!

  5. You know, it’s people like you that make me think I need to move up from dial up. Sigh. Someday.

  6. Hey, you actually had some songs I’d heard on here, LOL! And NICKELBACK — good job, Jen! 😀

  7. some great choices on thre jen, and i have the cake song on my ipod! LOL

  8. Jen

    I do love my music!!!

  9. I’ll have to get back to these given my fragile emotional state today lol I think it will release the dam. Yikes! Happy T13!

  10. Jen

    Oh Adelle! I hope you’re doing okay!

  11. I don’t know any of those! LOL!

    I did music for my TT, too!


    My TT is up on my blog!

  12. I actually recognize a couple of these, but don’t have time to watch others right now. Will have to sneak a few in from work tomorrow. 😉

  13. Great songs, I particulary love Lose Yourself. I listen to that every time I get a reject, or am feeling down. It reminds why I’m doing what I am doing.

  14. Hey – we’re T13 twins today! But I did mention I’d copied your previous T13 of your favorited YouTube videos.

    I really love Peter Gabriel’s and Kate Bush’s ‘Don’t Give Up’, Nickleback’s ‘Savin’ Me’ and Avril Lavigne’s ‘Keep Holding On’.

  15. Those are some GREAT songs! I love “Anyway” by Martina McBride. Great words.

    I’m up here — talking about SPAM.

  16. Janice Seagraves

    I’m sorry to say that I only recomize the older ones.

    Happy TT.


  17. Michelle

    Hey Jen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What about Brad Paisley………………… know the one I’m talking about…………..ALCOHOL!

    Duh, Whatever………

  18. Jen

    Um, that’s not the inspiration I was looking for. LOL!

  19. Listen to a song I recorded titled “Dont Give Up”
    I hope this song will give you the boost you need.

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