Thirteen People I Hung Out With At RWA

Ahhhh the Romance Writer’s Of America Conference. Haven’t told you guys much about what I did while I was there, so I’m going to do it in the form of a TT.

Thirteen People I Hung Out With At RWA

1. Loribelle Hunt and Ember Case
My roommates, they had both been to conference before and helped me figure out what I was doing. I had such a blast with them. And you meet some of the best people in the smoking area.
People like…

2. Melissa Blue
She was hilarious and we laughed!!!!

3. R.G. Alexander
Who I totally clicked with and we were pitching to the same person so we shared the same nerves. Only she hadn’t mentioned any puking.

4. Christine D’Abo, Wylie Kinson and Amy Ruttan
I have these three together because I met them all at once. But throughout the week, I had a chance to talk and hang with each of them. They are FABULOUS. I was dying to meet Wylie and had seen Amy online a lot. I won a prize from Christine in a contest. So I was thrilled to meet them all.

5. Jasmine Haynes and Jen Cummings
who were at the Liquid Silver Books breakfast (which was one of the highlights for me because it was small and intimate). I’d never met them before but they were so gracious and fun to a newer author. Then, I saw them both at the Berkeley publishing party. Jasmine was so awesome and signed two of her books for me (which I’ve already read and they ROCKED!!!!!!). Plus, Jasmine is in an anthology with Joey Hill (who I lurrrrve longtime) called “Undone” which releases December 2nd from Berkley Heat. Jen is so fun and made me laugh. Considering how both of them are well established and popular authors, I was grateful to them for their insights and time.

6. Nikki Enlow
Nikki was awesome at the editor and agent appointments. It was a rough job. Not only was I a victim, but I volunteered to help out Friday afternoon. Nikki was there all day, wrangling authors who were nervous and terrified into order so that no one missed a minute of the ten minutes we had to pitch. She was amazing. And I got to hang out with her along with Bria, Chi and M.G.. What a blast!!! Although I don’t know if I was very helpful. I had a great time though.

7. Robin Rotham
This amazing author was so fun to talk to. And knowledgeable. In the industry, there are always people who will move it forward and help it grow. Robin is one of those people. She advocates for all of us and fights for us even when she’d rather not. I have HUGE respect for her and, in my mind, she’s like E.F. Hutton. When she speaks, I listen. Plus, she is a fantastic author. She let me have a copy of “Alien Overnight” which I LOVE LOVE LOVE! That book is so good. I’ve probably embarrassed her now, but it’s all true.

8. Karen Erickson and Shelli Stevens
Two amazing people who were also a lot of fun to be around. Also, I got my quota of hugs from Karen.

9. Gwen Hayes
Thank God for Gwen!!!! At the Literacy Signing (where five hundred authors signed their books and all the proceeds went to literacy) she went with me and we walked alphabetically along the aisles. It made the whole thing less overwhelming. She took the picture of me with Christine Feehan so I can prove that yes, I did touch Ms. Feehan. And Gwen was so fun to hang with.

10. Kate Pearce
She kept me in line at the Passionate Ink Cocktail party. Not an easy task, I tell you.

11. Bettie Sharpe, and Jodi Henleyand Mike Myers
..who I got to eat with at the Diva dinner. Bettie practically sat in my lap, but I kept my hands to myself. Jodi was so awesome!!! The first time I met her at Conference, she snagged me to shove me in an elevator with Jessica Faust. I didn’t have the cajones to say anything then, but I did manage to approach Ms. Faust later in the lobby. Jodi was the only reason I knew what she looked like. LOL. I luuuurve Cup O Noodles.

12. Christina Cross, Shaunta Grimes and Lillian Feisty
All three of these fabulous authors were there and I didn’t get to hang with them near as much as I hoped. Christina was one of the first Divas I met at the conference. Shaunta and I did have a few meals together, but I didn’t get to really talk to her like I wanted to. (I have her on IM now, so I feel much better) and Feisty was busy busy busy but took time out to hang out at the bar and include me in some of the crazy stuff we do. I lurve her.

Last but not least…..

13. Crystal Jordan
Crystal made sure I went to all the right places and met all the right people. Even though she was running from the minute she hit the conference. She’s always been one of my favorite people and this last week she proved it. She crammed in a lot at this conference and still managed to include me in a lot of her jaunts. So, even though she hates it, BIG HUGS out to Crystal. LOL. (She’s cringing right now, I know.)
There were tons of people I didn’t mention. With two thousand romance writers milling around, it was just fun to meet and greet. There were several I didn’t get a chance to know better.
I can’t wait for next year.



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23 responses to “Thirteen People I Hung Out With At RWA

  1. Sounds like you all had a great time. It’s been ages since I was able to attend conference, and I remember how intimidating it can be. You’re lucky to have had so many people holding your hand on your first outing!

  2. Proving yet again that Google Alerts work – that’s how I found this TT. 🙂

    Thanks for the shout out Jen! You can hug me anytime. 😉

  3. Oh, I am so jealous. But next year. I have no excuses since National’s on the east coast. I wish I could have been with you! And I just mined through all your posts. Where have I been? Boy, I missed so many! I thought I answered your Whiskey Wed conference quiz, but when I went back through to see how close my answers were, they weren’t there. I’m loosing it! Or perhaps I never had it! 😀 Glad you’re back and the pitching went well. Crossing my fingers for you on the partials.

  4. Looks like you had a great conference!

  5. melsmag

    Sounds like you had a great time!

  6. I was Google alerted. LOL
    I lurve you!
    And you’re right about everyone-including my cp’s Robin and Crystal rockin’ steady 🙂

  7. Why does there always have to be hugging? Why can’t chicks just shake hands? *sigh*

  8. Okay seriously Crys-have you seen your blog today? That wasn’t a handshake. How quickly they forget. hehe

  9. That was not hugging either. That’s a totally different thing. 😛

  10. Good to hear you had a great time! 😀

  11. Jen

    Okay, I’m totally scared to look at Crystal’s blog.

  12. Oooh I’m so glad you went! Good for you. I know I’ve said this before but these conferences can be a nightmare. YAY!!

    I so admire you Jen.

  13. And here I thought you were excited to meet me and it was just a means to get to Wylie. Hmph. *wink wink*

    I’ll never forget meeting you cause I was still in the fog of no sleep land when you yelled out my name and said you were dying to meet me.

    Then you kept bullying me. LOL!!

  14. Oh btw, yeah it was a google alert that pulled me out of my sluggish tight schedule to find this post. LOL! 🙂

  15. *sobs with envy*

    I’m glad you had fun though! I’ll see you there next year!

  16. It all sounds like so much fun – thanks for giving us your roving reporter version of the conference. I often felt like I was a fly on the wall while reading your posts.

  17. I got the google thing too!
    And the um slappette was automatic, Jen, I have 4 kids-it was so meant with love 🙂
    And I totally loved you.
    Kate x

  18. I am so jealous! I can’t wait to attend a conference! Happy Thursday!

  19. You know I’m so glad we finally got to meet! You’re a sweetheart and so much fun!

  20. Jen

    LMAO Amy!!! Did I bully you? Did you like it? LOL.
    We were talking about you too, Julia. We all LOVE you.
    Oh Kate, you know I REALLY liked it. *wink wink*
    And Shelli, dahling!!!! I just loved hanging with ya’.

  21. Janice Seagraves

    What a great you had.

    Happy TT.


  22. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

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