Because this is TOO funny..

…and I know you will find it amusing.
I had both of my pitches yesterday and Heather Osborne and Miriam Kriss were wonderful. Both of them were gracious and easy to talk to. I was so nervous but they put me at ease in a professional manner.
Relief and excitement were my primary emotions since both of them requested a partial and discussed my Bigfoot book (without laughing, thank God).
Any normal author would be ecstatic and grateful and believe me, I am. So when I saw Miriam Kriss at a publisher party later, I wanted to thank her for being so kind to a neurotic author at the pitch appointment.
What was I thinking?
I mentioned I’d pitched to Heather Osbourne in the morning session and Miriam stunned me when she asked, “Are you the one who’s going to puke on my shoes?”
I am now completely aware that Google Alert works.
She didn’t seem offended and, since I DIDN’T puke on her shoes, stayed to talk to me for a little while longer in which “…you might be a redneck.” was uttered.
So, Miriam, I want to say that not only was I able to refrain from hurling on your shoes, but I had a wonderful time talking to you.
Later, I’ll tell ya’ll how I accidentally stalked Jessica Faust. I’m sure Ms. Faust will be thrilled to see THAT in black and white.
My book is up on Whiskey Creek Press/Torrid! Head on over and check out Edge Of The Storm
I’m heading home tomorrow.



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22 responses to “Because this is TOO funny..

  1. Elaina Huntley

    OMG! LOL. At least you made an impression Jen! Not so easy to forget. 🙂

  2. You are tooooo funny. Did you turn bright red or paled? I think I may have peed my pants a little.

  3. Jen

    Memorable. That’s me. I’m just thinking I already had the whole Bigfoot thing going for me. I didn’t really NEED the shoe puker title.

  4. well she didn’t puke on her shoes…not sure anything else mattered…

  5. Jen

    Well, Leigh, I turned bright red, I think. Lori will have to tell you. I was too busy trying to find my happy place. LOL.

  6. Glad the pitches went well without the anticipated hurling! Google is pervasive, isn’t it? You just never know who’s gonna see what you write…

  7. Jen

    Oh yes, Kaige and it all has the added bonus of being forever.
    So, when I’m a best selling NY author, everyone will remember me as the Bigfoot Shoe Puking author.
    I’m so proud.

  8. ajodonovan

    LMAO, oh bless you, you poor Bigfoot Shoe Puking Author *pats head*

  9. first impression is a lasting one! Especially when there’s the possibility of puking on agent….


  10. Roflmao! At least you’ll be remembered!

  11. I am reminded of a Mastercard commercial.

    Fee for RWA convention. $425
    Outfit to wear while pitching to agents. $100
    Not puking on agents shoes. Priceless.

    I think I might have wanted to puke, too.

  12. LOL! Bless your heart. ((HUGS))

  13. Lanie Fuller

    LOL. I’m torn between ‘Poor Plotter’ and laughing my ass off. Actually, consider both done. The latter being done more, of course.

    *note to self* Be watchful of what you say on your (currently) dead website/blog.

  14. Moral of the story: Tales of puking always make the rounds. Even out of your circle of intimates.

    You just gotta remember how high school works, Jen. 😉 Glad everything went well with the pitches!

  15. Jen

    LMAO!!! You guys are HILARIOUS!!!
    And Winter, I’m just hoping this isn’t going to turn into a game of “telephone” where the facts get confused and people think I DID puke on someone.
    I’m going home in the morning and so my time to “work it” is almost done. I better get moving.

  16. Oh Lawdy girl, you are hilarious!

  17. When you get a chance, check my Sunday post for a little sumthin for ya!

  18. You’re allowed a bit of stalking at conferences, since there’s so many people, who can tell what you’re actually up to?

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