Get Ready For The Whiskey Wednesday Contest Blitz!!

In honor of my upcoming release August first at Whiskey Creek Press/Torrid, I’m having my usual contest to win a signed print copy of the book.
And this one has a conference twist. The trick to this one is to REALLY know my “habits”. All you have to do is answer these questions correctly and you’ll be eligible to win a print copy of “Edge of the Storm” or an ebook version of the book if you’re a runner up.
Easy, right?
The only thing is I won’t know the ANSWER to some of these questions until after conference. It’s random, chance, Karma. LOL.
Since it IS random, you can just put them in the comments.

How many pairs of shoes do I have at conference?
This one you might know the answer to if you’re a regular on the blog. After all, you should get SOMETHING for listening to all that whining.

How many drinks will I consume in the five days and four nights that I’m in San Francisco? Here’s a hint: There’s a Passionate Ink RWA chapter cocktail party and I’m bringing four bottles of wine and a bottle of crown. Oh, and I have a limited budget. Guess away.

Will I puke on Miriam Kriss’ shoes? (Or anywhere else on her person?)

There will be other prizes since I’m probably coming home with free books and other stuff and I hope to distribute the wealth. I may not be here for the Thursday Thirteen but I’ll definitely miss you guys.



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15 responses to “Get Ready For The Whiskey Wednesday Contest Blitz!!

  1. How many pairs of shoes do I have at conference?: Five.

    How many drinks will I consume in the five days and four nights that I’m in San Francisco? 10

    Will I puke on Miriam Kriss’ shoes?: No. At least let us hope not. 🙂

  2. 1. 7(?)

    2. Enough to forget about the interviews and the things you forgot to say in your pitch.

    3. Probably gag a few times and blamed it on morning sickness to cover nervousness. Hahaha!

  3. AHEM.

    This will be totally random because I’ve read you sporadically (not because I’m not interested in your burnburnish posts, but life happens and all)…but for some odd damn reason, I feel like I might know you soul-ish-wise. It must be the mask-wearing during smex. Because I would totally love that, yanno.

    Your stoopid questions:

    1. How many pairs of shoes do I have at conference?

    I have to guess here and say you have only ONE pair of fuck-me pumps that you’re saving for just the right evening. You might have a kiss-me-gently pair of shoes, but I see you as only have one fuck me deadly…

    2. How many drinks will I consume in the five days and four nights that I’m in San Francisco?

    Nine. That’s THREE a night, or maybe FIVE if you don’t pass out across some poor Diva’s shoulder.

    Of course, this totally depends on what you’re drinking, you wench. Shots of Cuervo won’t compare to Goose, dammit.

    3. Will I puke on Miriam Kriss’ shoes? (Or anywhere else on her person?)

    I think you’d go head-first into Poppin’ Fresh’s BELLY before this kind of shit went down.

  4. How many shoes? Enough to fill a separate suitcase?

    How many drinks? Hmm… 14?

    Will you puke on Miriam Kriss’ shoes? No.

    btw, as if you weren’t busy enough- I tagged your arse 🙂

  5. I’m going to say:
    One pair
    As much as possible, and…
    not if you can help it. 🙂

    Either way, just have a blast. We miss you!

  6. Pffft!

    Okay, it’s Thursday at 10:30-ish P.M. And I have it on good authority that you are sloshed right now.

    You SO owe me a copy of EOTS.

  7. Jen, as an honorary Dutch Harbor gal you dang well better only have one pair of shoes at conference and they better be Xtra Tuffs – well maybe two pair since the FMP’s seem like a good idea. Furthermore, you will endeavor to drink your body weight while at said conference and you will conduct yourself as a badass the whole time and will NOT puke ANYWHERE in public – but if you do, you will be totally unrepentant and cute at the same time, and will immediately cleanse your palate with another shot of Crown . . . those are your marching orders young lady, now go have fun!

  8. Jen

    You guys are funnier than my blog!!! LMAO!
    So, um, Andi, I totally want to know who’s tattling. That’s just wrong!
    And Steve, you are my HERO! *salutes* I am on my way, sir.
    I want you all to note that I am awake at 6 freakin’ am after going to bed at 12am (I think)
    AND that I’ve already surpassed the drink limit some of ya’ll guessed. LOL.
    Btw, Steve, how much IS my body weight in alcohol? A lot? You may win this thing.

  9. I’ll guess 2 possible pairs of shoes per outfit, with my tally being 20.

    Drinks – 6 per day? Possible 30 in total? I’m just assuming you’re having a Redneck Romance Writer type of conference…

    Puking on the shoes? No. Puking somewhere else – yes. But not where she can see.

  10. I didn’t look at your shoes, didn’t count your drinks… but y’all who are trying to guess, let me just give you a hint: there was AFTERNOON drinking too!!
    I’m also glad to confirm that no agent/editor shoes were harmed during the pitching process.

    Miss Jennifer – it was such an AWESOME BLAST hanging with you at Nationals… You totally rock!!

  11. Jen

    *mwah*!!! Back at ya’ Wylie!!!! I was stoked to meet you. And Christina. And Amy.
    I feel a Thursday Thirteen coming to me!

  12. Thirteen? That’s it? I’m making mine a Thursday Thirty-three!! And you’ll probably be mentioned in 26 of them ;P

  13. scottie

    I’d have to look in your suitcase but a guess would be three…like AlaskaSteve said; a pair of Tuff’s, walking shoes, and a pair of stilletos. Drinks…I am sure you did us proud..and no…no puking on people.

    Got your book on order and can’t wait!

  14. Jen

    Thanks Scottie!!! Good to see you!

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