“You Have Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself”

If you’re going to conference, look away. There’s nothing to see here. Just a very professional confident writer who isn’t talking about the upcoming RWA conference at all.

Are they gone?


Now, I’ll tell the truth. I am terrified. Scared. Fearful. You get the picture. For three years, I’ve been getting to know people online. Other authors and Divas (from Romance Divas) have “known” me online as amusing, lively, even diiiiiirty.
But they’re going to see the REAL me. The frumpy housewife mixed with the unpleasant smell of desperation.
Okay, it’s not THAT bad, but it VERY intimidating. What if they don’t like me in person? What if I say something really stupid or offensive? What if I get drunk, climb up on a table and start dancing naked? I know. You’re right. They’d take pictures.
And then there’s the professional angle. Everybody tells me not to worry. They tell me my whole career doesn’t hinge on the contacts I make here no matter how I may feel. Yeah right. I am definitely feeling the pressure. Not because I wanna be famous or anything but I don’t want to miss an opportunity and be a loser.
And I do drink. I just can’t drink too much.
So, I’m a little crazy with the pressure but I WILL make it. I want to be the ones who can say “I made it”.
I know I’ll have an awesome time. I’m just a little scared. Okay. I’m a LOT scared. LOL.
*pours a shot* Here’s to making it!!!!! And here’s to having courage through the fear.



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17 responses to ““You Have Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself”

  1. I’m sure you’ll knock’em dead! never fear! πŸ™‚

  2. Jeez – I wish I was going – you lucky dog!!

    But seriously, I went last year and it’s fun! You’ll be great, you have a wonderful time and chances are you won’t even make a fool of yourself while you’re there. Relax, you’re going to be fine! πŸ™‚

  3. verybadcat

    Would it make you feel better to know that if I were anticipating meeting you, I would be super nervous too? Think about it- I care about what you think of me, I like you, I want you to like me, and we present what we’re willing and ready to present on teh interwebs. What if you find out I’m really a crazy freakshow who wears pants that are too short in the legs?

    You would tell me to relax. You would tell me that you’re looking forward to putting a face with a name. You would tell me that you already know I’m a crazy freakshow who wears pants that are too short in the legs.

    I thought you creative types were allowed more freedom to be kinda goofy?

    Anyway, you’re seven types of awesome, and I’m sure they’ll come to the same conclusion that I have. No worries. πŸ™‚

  4. Jen

    Tricia and Deb, I’m hoping to knock ’em dead. Well, not literally. *note to self. Pack deodorant*
    And VBC, I love you. I wanna give you a big ole hug right now.
    You rock.

  5. Sandi

    Don’t worry, you’ll do great. Between the nerves and the grown-up juice, you’ll dazzle the masses. You’ve already proven yourself in your career as a successful writer – getting to meet you in person will be a bonus FOR THEM.

  6. Jen

    Well, Sandi, you used to LIVE by me so if you can say that, I can believe it. LOL.
    *snicker* Grown up juice.

  7. I was a bit intimidated to be going to the LARA chapter’s workshop with Julia Quinn back in May, I can’t imagine Nationals… You’ll be fine… they’re just people too. Really. If you get lonesome, head to the bar and find you some Divas, they’ve got your back! Oh, and just cause you’re in the bar, doesn’t mean you have to drink yourself stupid. Pace yourself!

    *hugs* I’m kinda wishing I could go now, but I need to pace myself too. πŸ˜‰ You’re good people, Jen. Just sayin’.

  8. Jen

    Thanks Kaige. I wish you were going too!!!! Darn it. Soon. Very soon.
    And I keep telling Loribelle that she has to KEEP me from drinking too much, not whip out her digital camera. LOL.

  9. Hey, Jen. I think we’re volunteers together on Wednesday morning at registration? If so, we can panic together. I’ll be the shy one in the corner…

  10. I love you too! πŸ™‚

  11. Jen

    Nope. I’m volunteering on Friday. But I’ll come find you in the corner.

  12. Laura K

    Have a wonderful conference, Jen. I WISH you would have went to RT because I would have been your fangirl there! I’m going to register now and join up for the stuff that’s happening for those not going. Please continue to work on the sequel to “The Mask She Wears”. I absolutely adored that story!

  13. Jen

    That’s awesome Laura!!! I’m waiting on edits for the sequel, but I think my editor is having mercy on me and waiting until AFTER conference.
    Thank you so much for coming by.

  14. Kym

    If the editors and other writers knew how funny and intelligent you were they’d be intimidated. Knock
    ’em dead, girl.

  15. Jen

    Thanks Kym. This is good practice for the Humboldt Bloggers picnic we’ll be having, right?

  16. Kym

    Hey, that is a good way to think of the conference–just a gettogether of people with some similar interests–no pressure just hanging together.

  17. What Laura K said.

    (hee, hee)

    You won’t be the only noivus goil there. (I wish *I* was going to be a noivus girl there…)

    Just look in the mirror the morning of and tell yourself you believe in you. That you’re going to do IT and feel good about doing it. Strength (and beauty) comes from within, not from the shell. And you’ve got plenty of that, my dear.

    Now you just have to believe it yourself.

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