Ain’t No Mary Sunshine Just Sayin’

To The Redneck
Okay, look. We had an unspoken agreement that we wouldn’t stress out at the same time. You’re not living up to your end of that bargain! We SO don’t simultaneous stress well. Yeah, I know. I’ll have another cup of coffee. That’ll help. *rolls eyes*
Just Sayin’

To The Government
Um, WE’RE IN A RECESSION!!!!!!! Wake up!!! We’ve had a run on a bank. We’ve had people in foreclosure. Don’t make me use the “D” word. Come on. Somebody has to do SOMETHING!!!!!!
Just sayin’

To The Advocates of the “Flip This House” mentality”
To those of you unfamiliar with this animal, let me clarify. Up here, we have a group (they do run in herds I’m told) that buy up two, three or four houses, slap on a new coat of paint and then try and resell the house for a profit. Our lovely housing prices and subsequent mortgage crisis can be attributed (in part) to this type of investing. I’m not talking about the person who invests a little money and rents out the house. I mean the guy who is wheelin’ and dealin’, shifting funds back and forth in some fucking card game that ends up going under. And then the taxpayer pays his bill. Knock it the fuck off, will you?
Just Sayin’

To Wall Street
Can you guys mellow out? You’re starting to scare me.
Just sayin’

To Speed Racer
Happy Twenty-First Birthday, SR. I wish for you all the luck in the world. And that in about twenty years you’ll have some kid parked in your house, not paying rent, using every dish in your house and then doing the desperate clean up two hours before you get home (which isn’t enough time btw). Oh, and that you have three obnoxious dogs. Okay. Not the dogs. But I hope you get the kid. And he leaves stuck on food on your dishes. And your wife won’t clean it up for you. No, really. Thanks for taking care of the dogs, Homey. You’re the man.
Just Sayin’

To My New Cellphone Company
After falling for your advertising campaign (“Can you here me now? Good!”) it was extremely frustrating to be in Winnemucca, Nevada and have EIGHT DROPPED CALLS!!!!!! WTF? Your excuse of “It’s an antiquated system in Nevada” doesn’t really make up for the frustration. Plus, all the little extras you’ve signed me up for suck big donkey ass.
Just Sayin’

To Donny
You’ve got two weeks to shape up and come through for me. Two weeks! Then, it’s the conference, possible networking opportunities and I won’t have any time for your sorry ass.
Just Sayin’

To Dayna, Crystal and Lori
I don’t see the whining ending any time soon. Sorry about that.
Just Sayin’

To You Blog Readers
Thanks for coming by and saying “hi” when I was gone. The few times I logged in were so much better because your good wishes were waiting for me. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You Rock!!!
Just Sayin’



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9 responses to “Ain’t No Mary Sunshine Just Sayin’

  1. Here Here! πŸ™‚ Welcome back. And “can you hear me now” is my provider too – and we had NO SERVICE at the lake on Saturday. I know we were in the middle of the Adirondacks but come on? πŸ™‚

  2. Hugs honey… No self-combustion. Trust me, the aftermath is a bitch to clean up.

  3. Jen

    Ugh!! No kidding Tricia! Some of my reception is better but damn! It’s frustrating to constantly lose calls.
    And Diana, I’m trying to keep it all cooooool!

  4. Phew! That’s quite a list Jen . . . . I think I even feel better after the venting . . . I love your Monday posts, I wish I had the self-discipline to do something regular like that

  5. Jen

    That’s the idea Steve!! And I used to vent on Wednesday with Whiskey Wednesday, but then other stuff showed up there soooo……

  6. Lucinda

    Glad you’re back, Jen.

  7. DH and I don’t simultaneously stress well, either. That cracked me up! Hope you enjoyed your vacation. =D

  8. OH MY! Yeah, it’s hard when two are stressing at the same time… bluck! Also, the cell phone company! How do they get away with making all those false promises? BS! I fell for something “comcastic” and have regretted it ever since! It’s unreal how they can get away with this!

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