Whiskey Wednesday Rant of Erotic–er I mean Epic proportions

Initially, I began Whiskey Wednesday as an opportunity for me to “be myself” on my blog. I forewarned my visitors that this was “my space” where anything goes.
But is that a good idea?
There’s been some discussion about what constitutes “To Much Information” or TMI. Though many interesting ideas were bandied about, this oneseemed to be the one that made the most sense.
It isn’t that you’d be grossed out by personal sexual information about me. Or even that you’d judge me for the things I may or may not do in the bedroom as opposed to what I write. It’s that some creepy weird person could find me and stalk me. And I’m not difficult to find.
But how do I come across as warm and approachable yet retain my distance from “weirdos”. I mean, all you have to do is see the searches that find my blog to know that people look for very twisted stuff and FIND ME.
It’s a little unsettling.
I think I walk a fine line of personal revelation without huge drama or TMI. But then, who sets the standards here? Considering I write erotic romance, it’s a question I deal with. What do you all think? When you visit an author’s blog, what would “step over the line”? I do share personal info, but I try and find a balance. The interesting thing is that, especially since I’ve started frequenting local blogs in my county, I’ve found people who the Redneck knows. And they read this blog.
It all makes my head hurt. LOL.
Let me know your thoughts. Even if they’re random and unrelated.



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16 responses to “Whiskey Wednesday Rant of Erotic–er I mean Epic proportions

  1. Since I’m in a group blog, I stick to the theme there. I don’t have a personal blog, even though many divas have tried to remind of the importance of it, for two reasons: 1) it’s time consuming to keep a blog and promote it so people come to it, and 2) I’m a very private person.

    Like you said, it’s hard to draw a limit of how much of your life you want to expose. Considering the easy access to the Internet nowadays, you don’t know who’s dropping by and reading the posts. I’m not talking about the weirdos here. (Actually, I think they are the minority.) I’m referring to relatives, friends, and other people. Imagine having a hard day at work and blogging about your bitching boss? The odds that this person finds out are nowadays staggering.

  2. I have a lurker on my blog – they read me every day, checking 2-3 times a day sometimes who only lives abut 35 miles from me. I wonder frequently if this person knows me. The odds are slim, but I wonder.

    I don’t post names of people in my blog but my picture is there so if someone I know stumbles upon it there is no secret it’s me. And there is definitely private info in it.

    My biggest worry is that I check and post from work sometimes. What if the systems guy (who sit’s in the cube across from mine) see’s the URL on the logs and checks it out? No sex info but I do complain about my boss sometimes and more frequently about the guy who trained me.

    Yep I do worry about it. Not enough to stop blogging, but maybe enough to take my picture off my profile. I’ll have to think on that for a bit.

  3. Jen

    Good points from both of you. It’s something to consider.

  4. Jen your links took me to other links and still other links and *gulp* I had no idea the things people chose to put on their blogs. And yes, I definitely think many have crossed the line from being open to exposure.

    I’ve never worried about the content of my books. My family can read or choose not to read… decision is theirs. But I fuss and futter about the content of my blog. There’s something about putting something on a blog that is much more personal. I know my family and friends read my blog and I have no desire to share the most intimate details of my life with them. There’s just some things Aunt Metilda doesn’t need to know! 😀

  5. Jen

    LOL Nina. I try and keep my content normal. I have said a few things about my family experiences that I worry they might read.
    Hence my new motto “Don’t drink and post”. LOL.
    Some of those links skeered me Nina. Just sayin’.

  6. Kym

    I think all bloggers worry about this, Jen. I’m not promoting a book but I’m writing about personal views. Every day I ask, is this going to hurt people I love?

    I have very liberal views on marijuana use, my husband has a government job. Will my views hurt him? When I talk about my neighbors, am I inadvertently saying something that could get them in trouble?

    The other day I came across a neighbor in car accident. The story of her rescue would have made a great post but I worried about hurting her. I had to let go of that post but it sure itches at my fingertips;>

    Post by post, I make choices. On the whole, I say be personal. People online respond to that. But hold some things back. You have to for others sake if not your own.

  7. I think that’s what I do Kym. I mean, there’s no danger of me posting nekkid pictures of myself, (hair ruffles from general sigh of relief from blog visitors) but I do talk about some things that might shock or offend. I try and warn people when that’s coming at them, but…..
    It’s an interesting topic and I don’t know what the answer is really.

  8. I can see your concerns as far as creeps and people who know the redneck reading intimate things. However, this is YOUR SPACE. You created it, you maintain it, and if we don’t like what we read we can stop visiting it.
    As an author, I think your fans appreciate knowing the woman behind the words and I am sure this helps sales (though I know that is not your intention).
    I say freedom of speech and freedom to blog. You should feel comfortable bringing up whatever crosses your mind. If worse comes to worse, make your blog private or create another one that is not widely publicized or known where you can talk about whatever you want.

  9. its a thin line…isnt it…how much to reveal… i mean i started blogging as a journeling excersice….i never in a meeelyun years thought anyone would realllllly read it..
    but … folks do…. so its not quite the same thing… but i think with basic precautions… you should def speak your mind!

  10. Thanks SB! I can’t believe more people don’t read your blog. It’s a friggin’ riot!!!!
    I think it’s totally different when people start to read the entries.
    Do I go for entertaining? Do I just “let it all hang out”?
    Like Kym said, it’s remembering what might hurt those close to me and refraining from that.
    Those basic precautions you’re talking about.

  11. Hm. I’m with the less is more. I think it’s totally possible to be real and personal online without giving TMI. And it really depends on a case by case. I don’t want to know the intimate details of anyone’s sex life, except those of imagined characters if that makes sense. But I do like feeling like I get a ‘glimpse’ into an author’s life. It reassures me that they are real people, just like me. Glimpse, mind you – is also relative. lol

    But still, the biggest reason not to overshare, I agree, is not being stalked. It’s enough of a deterent to make you wanna watch what you say. Afterall, you never know – you could end up with an erotic twist on ‘Misery’ that would just be . . . *shudders*

    And as for randomness. *slams glass on table* I could use somma that there whiskey. *g*

  12. Kym

    No, Nekkid pictures? Shucks, I’ve been hanging around all this time for nothin’ ;>

  13. Jen

    *pours Gwen a shot* Drink up darlin’. I believe in being generous with my booze.
    And Kym, believe me, it’s for the betterment of mankind. I keep it all nice and covered up. LOL.

  14. The other day I *really* wanted to have a go about my hubby in my blog, but I finally decided that if he found it, I’d regret it.

    Mind you, he *did* deserve it! LOL

  15. Michelle, I believe you. Most of the real serious stuff I have go on with the Redneck I keep on IM or the phone. It’s tough not to want to rant and rave, but I imagine hurting him months after it happened. I’d feel terrible.

  16. This is a great post, Jen, and something I struggle with every time I sit down to write. Most of the time I think I walk the line, too, but I’m sure there are plenty of people who think I often cross it.

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