Thirteen Places To Find FREE ROMANCE EBOOKS!


Happy Valentine’s Day! Having a tough time getting into the spirit of things? Wondering if there is a way to get a little romance without having to take a big chunk out of your budget? Several authors I know (including me) have “free reads” on their website. This year is the second annual Romance Divas Free Read where several Divas write romantic stories for the holiday. They’re worth the time. And they’re short so they won’t hurt your eyes (*cough Michelle cough*).
Best of all, they give you a little taste of who’s out there so you can find some new authors. Go on. You KNOW you want to.

1. Midnight Mooners
I’ve said it before that these guys RUIN my book budget. But Cora Zane, Cassandra Curtis and Tempest Knight offer romantic relief with several free reads. Look to the left and enjoy. (Heat level varies)

2. Diana Castilleja
This is another of my favorite authors who writes the perfect romances for Valentine’s Day. She knows exactly how to tug on those heart strings.

3. L.K. Campbell
You all know that L.K. Campbell is another one of my favorite authors. She’s got some free reads on her website that can definitely get you in the mood. (Heat level is Sensual)

4. Say It With Flowers
Traci Flowers writes HOT STEAMY love scenes. WARNING!!!! YUMMY!! Oh! Did I say that out loud? LOL.

5. Adelle Laudan
Her free read “Timeless Encounter” is just like the rest of Adelle’s writing–unique and very cool. She is an author that has found her niche. (*hint* She has a link to other free reads from Sweeter Romantic Notions)

6. Tina Bendoni
She is a VERY HOT writer and has some great stuff to offer.

7. Jenna Bayley-Burke Another of my favorite authors. She’s written several free reads (see her links on her blog on the right) and should have a new one up today. I love her. ALWAYS readable and always right on.

8. Foxhawke Muy Caliente is the rating on this one. The author claims “not for the faint of heart”. Of course, that just spurs me on.

9. Kathleen Oxley
One of the best thing about Divas is that we often get newcomers that are willing to participate. Kathleen has really put herself out there and she did a great job.

10 Kimberly Menozza Would you like your romance with a European flavor? Meet our Diva who resides in Italy. And it give a sensual, romantic flavor to her writing. She ROCKS.

11. Fae Sutherland and Marguerite Labbe A Double Diva offering, this love story gives a little M/M action. VERY Hot!!!

12. Michelle Hasker Here’s an Erotic Paranormal offering. VERY hot.

13. Imogen Howson You all know how much I love this author!!!

There are a bunch more I know I missed. But there’s a link to them all at Romance Divas or to the forum link, HERE
If nothing else, bookmark them for later.
May you all find a little romance today. We can all use it in one form or another.



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32 responses to “Thirteen Places To Find FREE ROMANCE EBOOKS!

  1. LOL! Thank you for an interesting looking list. However, at the moment my internet is down, and I’m stuck with dial up.. so it’s essentials for me only! Once I’m back up and running, I’ll take a better look.. my Mobipocket Reader will soon fill up! πŸ™‚

    Happy V Day to you!

  2. Thank you for this, Jen. I can’t wait to start reading all the free reads. Kudo’s to you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Great! Thanks for recommendations!

  4. Excellent list and some great reads!! Thanks so much for including a newbie!


  5. Thanks for including us in your list, chica! Way cool! *wg*

  6. As soon as I catch up on my reading I am so going to take advantage of this list. Thanks, Jen

  7. Thanks for the book list! πŸ˜€

  8. I’ll be heading to some of these sites ASAP! Thanks for sharing and Happy Valentines Day!

  9. Oh, what a great list! I’m all about looking for new ebooks, and free is even better! Thanks!

  10. Happy Valentine’s Day, Jen!

    I’m looking forward to reading a bunch of these.

    And yeah, Nixon didn’t get the spirit of the day at all did he? (re: my TT).

  11. Great list & nice idea Jennifer! Happy Vday & TT!


  12. Jen

    Thanks Gwen. I’m hoping to read yours before the day is over. I know it will be awesome.

  13. Cool thanks for the links! Been too busy to post my 13 today or even think about it but maybe I will before the day is out. Mine may be something along the lines of 13 reasons why Valentines Day sucks ass though. Seriously. 😦

  14. Thanks for all the links. As soon as I get my editing finished I’m going to check them out.

  15. Yay! Looks like I’ve got some downloading to do. Thanks for the links and the blurbs!

  16. Great way to get the word out ~ Happy Valentine’s Day!

  17. Jen

    Tricia, I hear you. I think mine would have been “Thirteen Reasons I Hate Valentine’s Day” except Divas had something really great to make up for it.
    It got better today though. The Redneck sent me roses. I totally wasn’t expecting it.

  18. krisyankee

    How nice! So much to read, so little time!

  19. Weeee! Thanks for making us the first stop on your list!
    I can’t wait to start downloading some Valentine’s freebies to read, and by so many of my favorite authors! ((hugs))

  20. now I won’t be board at work tonight! Thanks.
    BTW…I have a special something for ya over at my place! Come and see it!

  21. I love you. Seriously, you are a gem. Thanks for always being so supportive.

  22. There are also a growing number of Free Reads that publishers and authors are posting to All Romance eBooks. If you are a published author and have a book for sale there, you are eligible to submit Free Reads.

    Lori James

  23. LaurenMurphy

    Great list. I checked out one of them already and it was excellent!! Thanks for posting this and I will be back to get more names for free reads.

  24. Jen

    *Mwah* Jenna! Just the facts, ma’am.

    And Lori, thanks for that link.

    Thanks Lauren.

  25. Wow! Thanks for including me on your list, I didn’t even know about this until today. πŸ™‚ The divas really are a great bunch of authors, aren’t they (we)? I think I wasted almost all day on the 15th just reading stories. (hehe, hubby and I were both home on the 14th)

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  27. Great list. You might want to add for a couple of good free island themed romance novels.

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  29. Here’s another website that sends away free adult romance books and erotica (the steamy, good ones xD) all for FREE!
    I joined they’re newsletter and i’m loving the books they send me.
    enjoy urs πŸ˜‰

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