Uniting America–Why Politicians Don’t Get It.

Well, you all know I’m a political junkie and I normally keep pretty quiet about my passionate opinions. I do so because I recognize they’re MY opinions and no one else may share them. Why open up a can of worms and piss everyone off? My blog is about being a romance writer, not a political pundit.
However, some things have happened in the last two weeks that have angered me.
In South Carolina, as I’m sure you’ve all heard (whether you wanted to or not) former President Clinton used Barack Obama’s race to try and propel Hilary to victory. Instead, voters rejected the Clinton team soundly. When Obama’s win was announced, Mr. Clinton stated “Jessie Jackson won South Carolina too.”
On “Meet The Press” this morning, Tim Russert interviewed John McCain to pin him down about his accusation that Mitt Romney supported a time table to withdraw from Iraq. He presented a quote (which I remember from a previous debate BEFORE the surge was successful) in which Mitt Romney DID support a time table to be kept secret so our enemies wouldn’t know. All of which has been edited to Romney’s favor on the cable news networks only an hour later.
But the worst thing I saw was Tim Russert’s inference that McCain hanging out with Joe Lieberman somehow made McCain less of a Republican.
Frankly, there’s only two candidates I see that will unite this country and not divide it. Obama and McCain.
McCain has shown he’s willing to reach across the aisle and fight for American interests. Though I don’t agree with him on everything, I do believe that our economy and place in the world depends directly on our ability to WIN in Iraq. But that’s MY OPINION and may not be shared by the rest of America.
Obama has also shown an ability to work with Republicans, even though he may disagree with many of their ideas. He’s inspiring, amazing and truly heroic. The man has brought people TOGETHER rather than driven a wedge between them. He has shown the oration skills of Martin Luther King, the political saavy of JFK and the unifying force of Bobby Kennedy. I’m not a huge fan of the Camelot era, but I do recognize what JFK and Bobby gave this country. Obama could be a force that cannot be stopped. But I expect the Clintons to try.
What the politicians do not understand is I don’t want a president that doesn’t think the other side can have a good idea–that fights a bill ONLY BECAUSE it came from the opposing party. I want someone who can stand by his own ethics without trashing others.
I don’t like the acrimonious crap going on with both parties, but I’m getting a clear idea of who will stand up and be counted and who will bleed this country dry of its lifeblood.
What politicians do not understand is that we’re smarter than they give us credit for. We are not sheep. We are not stupid. We KNOW those tricks they all pull. And we’ve seen the history of the results.
So I say, Hilary stop driving a stake into the heart of the Democratic party. You could win and still lose. What difference would it make to be in the White House leading a wounded, bleeding, ANGRY nation?
And to the Republican Party, stop trying to decide who is “more conservative” than the other. Stop ripping the party to shreds by dividing your party members into small pockets of “MY conservative ideas NOT YOURS”. Unify.
Stop dividing us.
We work together, live together, dream together. We are all one people who have our own passions and ideas. Stop making us decide on a candidate NOT based on his abilities to run our country but on his ability to defend himself from attacks.
Give us a chance to vote for the issues, not the rhetoric.
It’s a vain plea, but I’m making it and voting accordingly.


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13 responses to “Uniting America–Why Politicians Don’t Get It.

  1. Meg

    “Stop making us decide on a candidate NOT based on his abilities to run our country but on his ability to defend himself from attacks.”

    You hit the nail on the head. Well said.

  2. I’ve watched some, but not much, because over all, it’s a mudslinging contest. I can agree with you on your point though, BECAUSE of the mudslinging and efforts taken to make the American public look stupid for supporting THAT candidate or THAT party.

    Really, when can we stop electing children into power?

    May be harsh, but that’s why I don’t deal with the primaries. Unified would be awesome. I’m not counting on it happening.

  3. Kym

    I would like to see the media help us out. They shouldn’t treat the election like a race. “Clinton is ahead but Obama is pulling up on the outside.” Small references to that are fine but the media’s job is to help us make informed decisions. They should be taking each candidate’s positions and explaining them. They shouldn’t tell us how to vote but they should have experts commenting and expounding. I want to understand before I vote. I don’t care who everyone else is voting for.

  4. Jen

    I do know there’s a line somewhere between pointing out why one candidate is better than another and mudslinging. I’m just not sure that I (or anyone else, especially the media) know where that line is.
    Sometimes, we see the line as it’s stomped over.

  5. I am casting my vote right now.


  6. Jen

    LOL Lothian! I’d never make the cut. WAY too colorful past.

  7. Amen, Jen! It’s is such a shame that candidates seem to degrade their campaigns into why we should NOT vote for their counterpart rather than what they are going to do for us. For the first time since turning 18, I did not vote in a presidential election last time around. I just couldn’t. It was between bad and almost as bad and I couldn’t bring myself to care which one ran our country for four years. I’m hoping when all the mudslinging is over, this election will offer the American people some real choice come November.

  8. Jen

    I did that in ’88 Nina and my father never let me forget it. LOL.
    Since then, I’ve done my best, occasionally writing in a candidate rather than not voicing my opinion. I’ve often been wrong and frequently been snowed, but at least I know my vote counted.
    I’m hoping things shake out well after the mudslinging, but history shows it just gets worse right up until election day.

  9. It reminds me of a Southpark episode- about the class mascot election. The choices? A douchebag or a turd sandwich. 😉

  10. harried

    Good for you. Well put, well said. We are just into it and I’m already tired of all the mudslinging and backstabbing going on. I wish the clintons would just go back to wherever they came from. Neither one is good for America. After what he pulled and got away with while in the WH his name should be stricken from the records and his picture taken down. I don’t think she is much better. With what we have to do and with whom we have to fight to do it the time just is not right for a woman President. We have lost much respect the world over due to billy boy and having a woman president, a clinton, right now will not help our foreign relations at all. We have to deal with and sit at the round table with virtual woman haters and either negotiate peace or just leave their country to whatever lizard comes along after saddam. We are losing to many American boys over there for no reason at all. The country and the people in that region are just not worth an American life. Let them kill each other as they are going to do anyway. I’m not a woman hater, I love women, be lost without them but the time just is not right for us to put another female face across the table from them. Our foreign policy in that region is nil and whatever of it we had has fallen apart along with our prestige. You can thank billy for part of that and now another clinton comes along,,,I say no America,, and please you American ladies do not cast a vote just because you want or think we should have a female president. Think about your husbands, sons, daughters, loved ones who are going to have to go over there to clean up the mess. Albright, Condoleza for all their merits did not help our standing in that part of the world at all. The arabs may smile at them and treat them politely but bellieve me they probably detested having to listen to them, talk to them or even sit at the same table with them.
    I realize we don’t have the best that America has to offer as far as who is running in this campaign.
    It has become almost a contest of choosing the lesser of two or more evils. Perhaps we should rethink the election process and try something else. The money spent on this circus every four to eight years is astronomical and quite enough to possibly run some states or third world countries.
    Put a ceiling on their expenditures and have the candidates donate the rest of what they would have spent to a good cause. Cancer Foundation,
    Hospitals even Animal Shelters would be helpful.
    Bear in mind we are not just voting for a President but a COMMANDER IN CHIEF,,and he or she, must be respected the world over. It is time for us to get back on the top in all ways Sorry for the long dissertation. Take two and don’t call me in the morning…

  11. total and complete agreement.

    by the way: http://www.politicalforum.com (I’m catzmeow)

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