Whiskey Wednesday–Another Toast and NO rant

I have no rant. I have tons I COULD go on and on about, but honestly, all I can do is keep staring at that lovely book that has MY name on it. I felt this way about “A Taste Of Christmas” since that was the first ebook with my name on it. I absolutely love my cover and it is AWESOME to have my love for (translation–obsession with) The Deadliest Catch turn into a print book.

I blogged about it over at The Novelty Girls about my little obsession.

So, I’m throwing back a shot and slamming the glass on the bar. SWEEEEEEEEEEET. Come on over to TNG and let me know what YOUR obsession is.



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3 responses to “Whiskey Wednesday–Another Toast and NO rant

  1. Tempest Knight

    That was a very beautiful cover! You’ve been blessed with getting awesome covers in your ebooks. 🙂

  2. Jennifer McK

    I have! *knock on wood* I’m VERY grateful for it too. Thanks Tempest.

  3. Toni Sue

    Woohoo! Pour me a shot! 😀

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