“On Again” By Jenna Allen Review

On Again by Jenna Allen available NOW!
Phaze, HeatSheet, Force Series

 Kayla and Paul are legally separated, their marriage on the brink of disaster.  For a year, Paul shuts his wife out of his life and built a wall that Kayla doesn’t understand and can’t break through.  Hurt and lonely, she asks him to leave and begins the process of letting him go.

But Paul isn’t going to give up that easily.  When the choice comes to keeping his job as a vice cop or losing Kayla, he wants his wife.  And he’ll use any means to convince her to take him back.

Jenna Allen has brilliantly depicted the troubled marriage with its lack of communication, desperate loneliness and heart wrenching hurt.  Her characters have depth and, even though this story is short, grew right before my eyes.  The resolution to their troubles is neither quick nor easy and Ms. Allen made me cheer for both of them as they ended the story “on again”.  I found this a refreshing read–hot and sexy, but gut wrenching as well.  I recommend this story for anyone who knows what it’s like to watch a relationship fall apart and hope for the miracles that frequently happen to bring healing.  I loved this story.




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2 responses to ““On Again” By Jenna Allen Review

  1. Great review, Jennifer!
    I’m going to go find it now…
    Sounds like a story worth knowing.

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