13 Things about “Christmas At Arundale Hall” Coming December 1, 2014


1. This is my first Self Published book
I collaborated on one that came out last July, but I my co-author did most of the work.
2. My cover was done by P And N Graphics
and they were fantastic to work with.
3. I used my former EC Editor
Who was one of the myriad of people laid off in August. I’m so glad she decided to go freelance.
4. The hero, Edward Jaimison, is a male submissive
And I adore him.
5. Edward has been featured in the other two Arundale books
And in “Witch of Arundale Hall” he is totally hot and sexy.
6. Chantal D’Insigny is a female Dominant
A witch with power. Cat nip for someone like Edward.
7. Edward isn’t a wolf
Though he’s employed by the Arundale men as a Man of Business. He’s a family friend, a confidante and their protector.
8. He and Chantal aren’t reeeeally kinky.
They’re hot and sexy, but they are more about the psychological aspects of kink rather than the toys. Something that was probably pretty common in the 19th Century.
9. Researching 19th Century Christmas traditions was fun
10. Witches and Werewolves…what’s not to like?”
11. I didn’t know who Jaimison’s love interest was going to be…
…until Chantal made her appearance later in “Witch of Arundale Hall”. No one was more surprised than I was. LOL!
12. Originally, Chantal was only going to be a minor secondary character, but Jaimison fell for her so….
13. These two are SMOKIN’!
Seriously. I had a blast writing them.


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Music for “Bastard of Arundale Hall”

I finally found the theme song for one of the characters in my work in progress. Simon Ormand makes an appearance in both “Witch of Arundale Hall” and “Christmas at Arundale Hall”. He’s one of the main characters in “Bastard of Arundale”. And he’s pissed.

Give me the flammable light
I’m cold as a match, ready to strike
So here I go

Here lies a city on fire
Singing along
The arsonist choir
Now here I go

It’s started with a spark
And burn into the dark
Now here I go

There is a river I’ve found
Into the wild
Under the ground
So here I go

A button on a string
And I heard everything
Now here I go

Oh sweet ignition be my fuse
You have no choice you have to choose
Bid farewell to yesterday
Say goodbye I’m on my way

But in the end we all
Come from what’s come before
So here I go

Oh sweet ignition be my fuse
You have no choice you have to choose
Bid farewell to yesterday
Say goodbye I’m on my way

I threw it all away because
I had to be what never was
Been so hungry I could lie
Took my word, I took your wine

And held you in my bloody hands
These rattled bones and rubber bands
Washed them in the muddy water
Looking for a dime and found a quarter

But you can’t make me change my name
They’ll never make me change my name
Pay no mind now ain’t that’s something
Fuck it all I came from nothing

I’m something from nothing
You are my fuse
I’m something from nothing
You are my fuse

It goes oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
It goes oh, oh, oh
All rise!

No you can’t make me change my name
You’ll never make me change my name
Pay no mind no wait that’s something
Fuck it all I came from nothing

Read more: Foo Fighters – Something From Nothing Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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13 Reasons to be Grateful Part II

1. Train Boy
My oldest son is amazing. He’s smart, funny and just an all around fantastic human being. That’s pretty amazing to say about and almost 14 year old. He turns 14 next Tuesday.
2. Demolition Boy
My youngest has the biggest heart and he’s creative as well as smart. He’s going to be 13 this Saturday.
3. The Redneck
My husband makes me nuts sometimes and the last year has been a rough one, but he’s pretty awesome and I’m lucky to have him.
4. My boss
I just found out yesterday that my current boss is going to be leaving. That means I’ll be getting my 6th boss in four years. He’s been probably the best boss I’ve had and I’m going to miss the fuck out of him. I’m just glad I got to have him for the last year and a half.
5. Melissa Blue
There are some people who have stuck with me through a lot of shit and Melissa is one of them. Hard to believe we met six years ago.
6. Michelle Henry
My best friend for the last 19 years. When we met, neither of us had any idea that we’d be still close after all this time.
7. My writing
What an amazing thing this has been for me!!!! I’m so grateful that the opportunities are there.
8. Crystal Jordan
My fantastic friend, fellow author and web designer.
9. Romance Divas
That place has been a haven for me.
10. Toni Sue Versteeg
I think she and I have been friends since 2006 when we met on Divas. She is ALWAYS there for me. Always.
11. Joey W. Hill
This author has inspired me, encouraged me and I’m so grateful I was pointed in her direction back in 2007.
12. You Tube
I know that seems weird, but through that channel, I found The Vlog Brothers, new music and a lot of inspiration over the years. I’m grateful that someone thought of it and ran with it.
13. Boy Scouts
I don’t know that I’d be outdoors as much at my age if it wasn’t for this organization. It’s been amazing for my kids too.


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Happy Veteran’s Day!

Normally, I’d be really serious but to celebrate Veteran’s today, here’s my favorite fun video that makes me love the men and women who serve our country.

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13 Things I’m Grateful For Part 1

It’s November and I’ve decided to share all the things I’m grateful for this month. I think I need a reminder in this busy, busy time of my life. Today’s is a general sort of grateful-things that I have because I’m American, or white, or employed. Things that millions of people around the world don’t have.

1. Clean Water
I have potable water that I can drink and I can shower every day.
2. Hot water
Along those lines, I have a water heater that heats my water for washing dishes and taking showers. I got a good idea of how awesome this is when I went a month without a water heater and had to heat it by hand,
3. I’m employed
And I get paid a living wage. I mean, there are people working for pennies.
4. I can vote
I am a woman and I have a voice. There are thousands upon thousands of women who have no voice, who are less than cattle in their society.
5. I can protest
I am allowed, by virtue of my citizenship of the United States, to express my displeasure, my protest, my differing opinion about my government without threat of violence or suppression by my government. For the most part.
6. I eat every day
And I eat well. I skip a meal voluntarily. There are thousands in America alone who don’t get enough to eat.
7. I have internet
There are countries that have sporadic and slow internet. I have been supremely lucky to live in a country with advanced technology.
8. I finished high school and went to college.
I am a woman and I was given the opportunity to be educated. I can read and write. I am not dependent completely on my husband to earn a wage.
9. I have a car
At one time, we had TWO cars (and we may again). We are extremely blessed to be able to have any vehicle at all.
10. My children have been vaccinated
In many countries, childhood diseases are still killing children. In this country, my children have been protected.
11. I have health insurance
So many people, even with the new Obamacare can’t afford basic care. BASIC care. Like prescriptions and doctor’s visits.
12. I am employed
Some of you know that I hate my Evil Day Job but I am SO LUCKY AND BLESSED to have that job.
13. I have a cell phone
And so does The Redneck and so does Train Boy. And probably for Christmas, so will Demolition Boy. Pretty damn blessed, I’d say.


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Good Review for “Witch of Arundale Hall”

Gabrielle over at Night Owl Reviews liked “Witch of Arundale Hall”.
“This story is just as hot as it is emotional. The love between the two is so strong you can feel it and the determination of both Perry and Sarah is something else. Neither one will be deterred from what they see as the right thing to do. No matter how hard Sarah fights it the two make a wonderful couple and together they are a formidable team against any and all that would threaten them.”
You can see the whole review HERE.

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Thirteen Reasons I don’t Respond to Bad Reviews

With the incident that occurred last weekend and has continued to set Twitter on fire, I thought I’d give 13 reasons why I never respond to bad reviews.

1. It’s giving it too much thought.
Everyone has an opinion and though the negative reviews are interesting, they can rent WAY too much space in my head.
2. I become too focused on them
I’ve been known to get awesome reviews-several-and yet, I think of the one bad one everytime I think about the book in question. So, I’d say I don’t have a balanced view of reviews of my work.
3. It can make people defensive
Even before some of these incidents occurred, reviewers could be strongly protective of their space. For good reason. Author comment on reader opinion can be detrimental to the discussion. Readers who may have a negative opinion may stay silent in the online presence of the author.
4. It’s baiting
It is. It’s saying “I know what you said about me and I’m going to let you know I know.” Following a discussion about one’s book is fine. Staying out of it is wise.
5. There ARE internet bullies
Hale’s case is NOT an example of this. Harris’s review was pretty clear and concise about her opinion without (IMHO) being unreasonably bitchy. But that’s not true of all people on the internet. It is INFINITELY better to remain silent and let the work speak for itself.
6. It won’t change anything
I have never seen a reviewer change their opinion/rating for a book due to an author’s “input”. I HAVE seen bad ratings given for authors who behave like idiots. I don’t want to go there.
7. Even factual errors don’t actually matter
There are people that are going to read my book and they’ll know if a review is factually incorrect. Let other readers point out errors. The author’s job is to write the best book they can write and to interact with readers in a positive manner. Correcting people isn’t necessary.
8. The Dog Pile Factor
Listen carefully. When readers feel their space is invaded, they are defensive. Authors who cross a line and push into discussion can often be “dog piled”. Meaning that several internet people will come down on said author like a ton of bricks. IT IS NOT BULLYING. A dog pile happens when several people agree and don’t agree with you. Now I’m talking about in a comment section. It is VASTLY DIFFERENT when an author/person/whatever directs his or her fans to “go after” a person/reviewer/author. Dog piling can be uncomfortable and feel awful, but MOST OF THE TIME it’s not vicious and ugly. It can cross that line and descend into mob mentality fairly easily.
9. Words are weapons
that can be used against me. What you say can be quoted, have screen shots and used against me. Especially if I’ve responded with a kneejerk response to a bad review. Those responses are never good.
10. I’d love for my book to gain attention but not like this.
11. Again, it keeps me focused on the bad and interferes with writing.
12. For every reader that hates my book, there’s probably one that loves it.
13. Obsession is not healthy
And for me, obsession starts with responding…and reacting…and thinking about….then responding…..RABBIT HOLE!!! Therein lies insanity.


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