Here’s what I know…..

1.  There are a million 12 days of Christmas celebrations/blog hops/promo events all over the internet.

2.  Keeping promo dates straight without a damn exel spread sheet is very difficult.

3.  My motivation this time of year is crap.

4.  New Adult books has some damn good writers.  (I reviewed this one and this one)

5.  Don’t tell anyone, but rafflecopter is my nemesis.

There.  That’s all I know today.  Oh!  One more thing:  6.  When two Dominants want to duke it out over who gets to top who, it actually works to threaten them with deletion.  I wish that worked in real life…….

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Thirteen Awesome Things Going On Around the Internet

There’s chances to win stuff, awesome authors and fantastic celebrations.

1.  The 12 Days of X-Mas at The Smutketeers

12 Days 2014 Banner_600x900

2.  The 12 Days Of Christmas Giveaway at Ebooks Galore

12 days banner

I’m on December 21.

3.  The 2014 WereEvent.


4.  Christmas At Arundale Hall is $0.99 until December 26th!


5.  13 Nights of Sin at The Den Of Sin

Excepts and Chances to Win LOTS of stuff.  It’s a merry Christmas over there!  Including from my favorite Melissa Blue.

6.  Toni Sue’s book “My Ex-Boyfriend’s Wedding” is only $0.99 (but not for long).

7.  “Taming The Alpha” featuring some of my favorite authors is creeping up the Best Selling lists.  

8.  I read my first New Adult book….and LIKED IT.

9.  BDSMbookreviews is seeking some kinky people to review.

10.  And then there’s the Tsu phenomenon.

11.  Adelle Lauden has her Christmas Book “Grace” for FREE!

12.  Free Christmas gifts if you sign up for my Newsletter before December 26.

13.  Melissa Blue’s new book from the Den of Sin series is OUT NOW!!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone!!! Go Comment and win at all these great events!!!!


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Blogging at Paranormal Cravings…


I’m over at PARANORMAL CRAVINGS’S Weresevent talking about the Wolves of Arundale.  Go give me some sugah.

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12 Days of Christmas Day 4=MY DAY


12 Days 2014 Banner_600x900   Today is MY DAY.  CHECK IT OUT!!!

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13 Reasons To Party at the Smuketeers 12 Days of Xmas

1. This video

2. The books
So. Many. Awesome. Books.
3. The chance at a gift card
If you share the video on social media, you could win.
4. The authors
5. It’s easy to enter
Just comment on all the posts and you can win the grand prize
6. It’s FESTIVE!
7. It could get you in the Christmas mood
8. “Christmas At Arundale Hall” is featured tomorrow
9. And you could win a copy
10. The Smutketeers
R.G. Alexander, Eden Bradley, Robin Rotham, Crystal Jordan and other huge names in Erotic Romance.
A prize worth $300.
12. The other prizes
Not only books, but some authors are offering gift cards, jewelry and other stuff.
13. Did I mention the video?



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12 Days of XMAS at the SMUTKETEERS! DAY ONE!

12 Days 2014 Banner_600x900
This is one of my favorite events we do all year!!! The last four years, I’ve been a squeeing commenter and have won books and had a blast. THIS year, I get TO BE ONE OF THE AUTHORS!!!! I’m so stoked! I even got to be in the video. I’m not videogenic, but LOOK AT MELISSA BLUE!!! That chick is SMOKIN’!!!!!
Okay, so comment on all twelve days and get a chance to win a Kindle. Every day, there will be books up for grabs. The good smut.
What are you waiting for? GO AND WIN!

Here’s the video!

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Here’s What I know….


–Self publishing is challenging but it’s nice to be able to see the numbers right away (even if they’re pathetic).
–Sometimes I can find one of those one liner tagline thingies if I write a blog post for a guest post. (Just did that. )
–I am not very good at promotion, but I can laugh about that. (Just so you know: On Facebook, when I’m about to be a promo whore, I’ve been using this meme
So it begins.....

….yeah. So now you know.)
–Alter Bridge is one of the most underrated bands on the planet.


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